Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Summer Struggle

Fall is here. Most of the leaves have turned color and fallen off the trees.
Its getting colder, gave in last week and turned the heater on.

Summer is over and its time to get back to working hard on my weight loss.  As I look back thru my journals I realize that summers are my maintain season. Time to stop maintaining and start losing again!! SO, yesterday I started tracking food again. Today was my first weigh in since The Summer Sizzle hosted by Rochelle.  I totally failed that challenge!!

Last weigh in September 4  190.0
Todays weigh in 192.8  up 2.8
I really thot it would be higher than that!!!

This weeks goals:
Tues: 3 mile run
Wed: P90
Thurs: P90
Friday: 2 mile run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Half Marathon

My calorie goal per day is 1200 - 1400.

If anyone is hosting a fall challenge. Or knows of one, please let me know.


  1. You got this! I will be hosting a virtual race soon:)

  2. Yeah, I remember last fall I started losing the most weight too. I wish Mir would do another challenge.
    Good luck with getting back to it!


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