Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oakland 5K

Woke up at 6:30 and it was 22 degrees. I really really wanted to crawl back under the covers and stay warm and go back to sleep. BUT, I knew two friends were going to be waiting for me at the starting line. I was not going to wimp out of this run!! This picture was taken after the run at 9:30 AM. and there was still frost on the ground.

I left home at 6:45. My husband decided it was to cold to spectate, and he stayed home. (Cant say I blame him!!!)

My brother has run this race many times in the past, so he 'showed me the way'. I wouldve gotten so lost!!

The start was a bit confusing. We all congregated on the road, and all the sudden we heard a gun. I looked at my friends, and we wondered if that was the start, or if that was a hunter in the woods. The people in front of us started moving so we followed. There was no start line, so I wasnt sure when to start my Garmin. This was the first time Ive run in temps below freezing. The first half mile my lungs hurt!! I looked at my watch and it was saying 10.20 .  HA time to slow down!!! That is not my pace!!
The first 1.5 mile was up a gentle slope. Which was great because the return was down hill.

MR B wanted a sub 30 so bad!! He ended up with a 30.3.

Im so thankful the sun was shining and there was no breeze!!

I enjoyed this run, and realized even at 30 degrees, you still sweat when you run!! (OK yeah, I already knew that).


  1. Nice pace Deb! Yikes on the 22 degrees, been there done that. Not fun. Good for you for leaving your comfy bed to brave the weather:) It helps to have people waiting for you as motivation:)


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