Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hershey Half

Hershey Park Half Marathon.
See that smile? Thats because I havent seen the hills yet!!  We all started by choosing our own corral. They had signs hanging on the wall, and you stood with your pace  group. I stood with the 12, 13, 14 pace. The very last one said, 'other'.  I wasnt quite sure I wanted to be an 'other'. Waiting, waiting, waiting, After the 'start' by an amazingly spunky young boy from the Childrens Miracle Network, it took 5 minutes for me to get to the start line. Speaking of the spunky one, as I was starting he was saying, only 13 to go, hahahahah. See you at the finish line. Some guy behind me said, 'this is more like the Hershey shuffle.'  

Somewhere in the first few miles there were children from the Miracle Network. It was so cool. Hard to not shed tears! (The proceeds went The Childrens Miracle Network).They were cheering and clapping, and thanking us. 
But then the hills started. The water stops were almost three miles apart. So thankful I had a water belt!!
The crowd support was amazing!! The kids from the Milton Hershey School were along the route, cheering, hollering. People hollering your name. The Leukemia Society had lots of people in purple running. I was so thankful to be amongst the purple shirts, cause they had lots of support. I wish I would've had my camera! 
My favorite sign, "Worst Parade Ever". Also loved the sign beside a church, "they shall run and not be weary" 
At mile 11 or 12 they were handing out Fast Breaks. There was no way I could eat it! Barfing chocolate is not something I want to do. I took mine and shoved it in my pocket!

After we crossed the finish line we were given our medal, and handed a lunch box. It had a delicious cookie, an apple, a recovery bar, and a bottle of water.   I immediately went to the turf and stretched and drank my water. I was exhausted, but felt so good!! 

  •  Great crowd support
  • Loved the medal
  • VERY EASY packet pick up
  • Great post race food and lunch bag
  • Text to my phone with my finishing time within 10 minutes of crossing the finish line
  • Need more water stations
  • I wasnt prepared for that many hills (my fault, not the races!)
My Garmin data was deleted on the bus ride home. So I dont have the details. I do know that it said I ran 13.31 miles. (I obviously didnt effectively run the tangents!!)
Time: 2:58.30  (5 minutes shy of my PR) But this was a hillier course and I was pleased with my time)
Pace: 13.37  I really wish I had my garmin info so I could see what my time was at my 13.1 spot!!


  1. Congratulations! It sounds like you ran a great race especially on a hilly course. Just imagine how fast you would have been on a flat course!

  2. Congratulations!!! Awesome job! and my garmin always says a mile longer after completely a half marathon and I don't know why. I know that some might be from zig zagging but not an extra mile!!

  3. Woohoo, what a great race you had!!! Hills are tough - glad you beat them! :)

    What a cute medal, too - well-earned.

  4. Congratulations!!! Hills always kill me. I always bring my own drink to longer races, I just hate having to wait on the edge of exhaustion for water stations.

    Sounds like an inspiring event with all the kids.


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