Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Frustrations

Friday Frustrations.

Hiker Mom has taught me that its ok to complain, rant, whine.  She has free rant Friday. SO, today is Frustration Friday. 

1. Sitting in a doctors office for TWO hours without an explation. (I work in a doctors office, and anytime the doctor is running more than 15 minutes late, I explain to the waiting patients.)  My daughter had an appointment with the neurologist. We sat in the waiting room for over two hours!! When we finally went to the examination room, we waited another 90 minutes! THANKFULLY, we had our books with us!! When we did finally see her, she explained that she had an emergency at the hospital.

2.  People who complain about the work you do, to your coworkers rather than to you.

3,  Traffic lights that have a no turn on red signs.  It was 10:30 at night in a very small one stoplight town, no cars in sight, and I still sat there for 4 minutes waiting for the light to turn green.

4. CANCER stinks!!

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