Friday, October 5, 2012

Flipped my treadmill

OK, not literally. I think 6 miles is the longest Ive ever run inside on my treadmill. My last scheduled long run was on a very cold and wet and nasty day. So inside it was.

As I was going along watching my third episode of Friends, I realized my treadmill timer was at 99 minutes.  All the sudden I realized, what if it shuts down when it hits the end of minute 99. This happened to my daughter once at the gym and  she went flying over the top of the controls.................... I slowed WAY down and watched it flip. It was pretty boring. just started over, BUT, didnt shut down!

It continued to go. No flying over the control panel.  The calories restarted after  999 as well. 
1549 calories and 128 minutes for 10 miles. 


  1. Awesome job! I can't believe you ran for that long on the treadmill. That is serious dedication:)

  2. Wow!! I'm always amazed at how far you can go!

  3. Great job, Debby!!!! What an awesome workout!

  4. I am so afraid of running on a treadmill...and look at you! That is some serious work! Good job!

  5. You are so awesome Debbi. I have never gone that far on a treadmill. Maybe this winter I'll have to give that a whirl. I'm starting back at the gym so will just have to try to do as good as you. Awesome there Deb.
    Blessings. Have a great weekend.

  6. Awesome job! So glad there was no actual flipping involved:-)


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