Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another 5K PR

I love when speed work makes me faster!!
This weekend I did a run (mostly flat)!! and ended up with another 5K PR. 36.23
I dont usually do local runs. Im so intimidated. I feel slow. And Ill know people.
 Im so much better at giving advice than taking it!!
The weather said 100% humidity. Thankfully by race time it dropped down to closer to 85%. 

 This is the group of friends from church talked me into running, and Im so glad I did. I had my first chafing problem. My heart rate monitor rubbed me raw!! (NO PICTURES OF THAT!)
Finish line!!


  1. I've only done local runs. I like the idea of traveling for a race, but haven't done it.

    Congrats on your race!


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