Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday Long Run

This weeks long run called for 8 miles (or thot it was 8 miles)

Started out HOT and HUMID!!My husband wanted to go to the gym on Saturday morning. So, I decided to tag along and go to the trail. I LOVE running on this trail!!

I haven't been on this section since I was in the running class back in April.
I dont like this tunnel. It has some lights, but they are pretty dim!! Its not the tunnel I don't like, its the possibility of snakes!!!

Can you imagine this view in a few weeks when the leaves turn? Ill have to come back!!

Found this old rusty bike propped up on a post. Wonder what stories it could tell?

I was doing an out and back. (or rather an uphill and back down hill). My goal was to be at 4 miles in under an hour. I made it!! I did intervals. Jog 1/4 mile, walk 1/4 mile etc.

I refueled, (and drank all my water) I HAVE to get a fuel belt!! My hand held does not last me on these longer runs!!

  So thankful for WATER and almonds were waiting for me when I made it back.

 I was so excited to see my 4 miles back were much faster.
I will  be going back to the trial to train for hills. I hear the Hershey Half Marathon will be hilly, and I want to be prepared!!

After my run, we had grilled chicken from the Lions Club! YUM!!!! (I did NOT eat the skin!!)


  1. You should be able to see some gorgeous fall foliage in a few weeks! I live at the end Appalachian Mountains in GA. I'm looking forward to the changing seasons.

  2. Nice work! That trail looks fun:)

  3. I love you sharing your runs. You are doing so awesome Deb. It is so much fun reading your posts.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend!

  4. What a great run!! Good for you!


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