Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goofy Virtual

This is a rather long post, so if you dont want to read the whole thing, click here to learn about the Virtual. 

My very best friend was diagnosed with Leukemia on September11, 2009
She had been tired all summer long. Her legs were retaining water. She had blisters in her mouth. The doctor told her she was stressed out and to go home and rest. She was told this by TWO doctors. One in July and one in August. Neither of them did any lab work.
The first week of September they went on an Alaskan Cruise. She was exhausted. She spent most of the time sitting or sleeping.
On September 9th her legs were huge, she couldn't put on her shoes. Her husband told her that if she didnt go to the doctor he was taking her to the ER when he came home from work.
At 930PM that night I got a text. 'Deb I'm in the ER at  Ruby and I'm being admitted to the 9West". My heart feel to the floor. My husband was on 9 West when he was treated for Melanoma, so I knew she had  cancer. It would take two more days to get the official diagnosis of  acute myelogenous leukemia.

Chemo started 2 days later. Her bone marrow was 98% cancer. Along with treatment came nausea, ulcers, fatigue, anger, hair loss.
On September 27th I shaved her head. I was honored, told her she was beautiful and held her as she cried. A dear friend had sent her some wonderful hats, and she preferred those to a wig.

After many chemo treatments and painful bone biopsies she was officially at 0% cancer. Her family was all tested for matches for bone marrow. THREE of her brothers and her only sister were 100% matches. FOUR!!!! matches. so rare!! ON December 22, 2009 she had a bone marrow transplant.

Today she is still recovering. She has had several setbacks that are Graft Versus Host disease. BUT, she is fighting and she is winning.

OK all that to tell you about the Goofy Virtual Run/walk.
Read. Write. Run. Mom. is hosting a virtual in January. Why so far away? Well, its a Goofy Challenge, and it mirrors (half the distance) the Goofy Challenge that is run in Florida. On consecutive days you do a 10K and a half marathon. She will provide a 16 week training schedule for you.
The cost is 10.   This is a donation to the  Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and will go towards her goal of raising $4500. The donation goes to Canada so that means if youre in the US you will pay a few cents more (conversion)
After you complete the run/walk and have submitted your proof you will receive a medal hand made by Cori.

Today's gratitude: Walking 2.5 miles with my best friend.


  1. That is really weird. One of our close family friends was diagnosed with Leukemia on that same exact day. He was 9 at the time and now he is cancer free and 12 years old:) So amazing that your friend had so many matches! Our friend's donor was from Europe somewhere. No family matches.

  2. God works in such great ways. I am sorry it took so long for you friend to find out what was wrong but so happy that all worked out and her family was there and matched. Now that was awesome. Praise the Lord.
    You are such a dear and sweet friend. I am so glad she has you.
    Blessings to you and your friend!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your friend is recovering. This sounds like a great event and I really hope she has a lot of people sign up to participate!

  4. I wish good health for your friend, Debby! And it's so wonderful that she has such great support!


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