Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 12

Week 12 Challenge:  Surpass Goals from week 10.  WELL I gained in week 10!! So any loss would be an improvement!

Starting Weight: 181.6  I WAS so close to the 170s!!
Now: 190.1  Gain of 8.5  but loss of .5 for the week

Week 13 - (begin August 26) - LOW CARB WEEK & NO EATING OUTSkip the bread, pasta, cereal and rice this week. Stick to fruits and veggies and lean protein. While we're at it, let's ditch the restaurants, too. Make it a double challenge and hope that it pays off big next week!
(I already have a lunch date with a wonderful friend for Tuesday. We've been trying to get together for 2 months and our schedules havent allowed it. SO, I will be going out on Tuesday for lunch. BUT, other than that, no eating out!!)

Weekly Review:
My Sugar Challenge is going good. I think it should be called dessert and peanut butter challenge.  Yesterday afternoon I did take a bite of a banana muffin, and realized what I was donig and promptly spit it out. It really helps to have my friend a phone text away!! Great support and accountability!!

Body Pump and Combat at the gym on Saturday. AND my boss loaned me his P90X to try. HOW SCHMOLY!!!! Kick my butt and abs!!!
Im considering dropping my gym membership. Its a 25 minute drive.  The cost of gas and the membership is really adding up, With two kids in college, I really need every penny I can scrape together!!


  1. I would NEVER go to a gym if I had to drive 25 min! That really shows what a small town girl I am...LOL!
    I think you can do enough exercising at home too.
    Good for you for getting back on track!

  2. That was why I had to quit, just to far and to expensive.
    I know about that gain but my dear friend, just look at those muscles you are growing. Look at all the goodness you have learned and have used. You have been doing awesome. Just keep it up and the scale has to follow and it will.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  3. I'd be lost without my gym membership!
    I've been hearing a lot of good things about P90X - sounds intense!
    Good luck with the last week of the challenge :)

  4. That P90X is a killer. Kudos to you for doing it!

    Good luck with your challenge!

  5. P90X works if you stick with it. I had the old version on VHS which was called Power 90. I think it was less intense - but still very effective!
    Glad you have a friend to lean on with your no dessert/no peanut butter challenge - it's always nice to have someone to be accountable to, other than yourself! Sorry I am so late in commenting - but I hope this week is finding you well!


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