Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sugar Challenge

I got a text this morning at 530AM that said. "Hey girlfriend, wanna do a sugar challenge? I need accountability" NOW, at 530AM Im not very awake at all!! so I said "sure!! Love to!!" Then she said, "And you have to add Peanut Butter to that challenge." After, some sobs, whining, and not very nice words, I gave in and agreed. SO, for one month no candy, pie, cookies, NO CHOCOLATE, cake, ice cream,  NO PEANUT BUTTER!

Last November Maren from Cow to Wow hosted a sweet tooth challenge, and I loved it. (Well, loved is a strong word).  BUT it was great for me to see how I was able to survive!

SO for one month... Starting NOW!!!  OH, How I will miss my friend!!



  1. Check some of the organic peanut butter- I think they have some without salt or sugar!

  2. You are much much stronger than me, because i could't even do a week.... I love MY sugar! :)

  3. You are a brave woman! Not something I would even think about doing!

  4. No sugar!?! Give it about 5 days and you'll stop missing it so much. There are grinders in my local grocery store so you can make pure, raw peanut butter. Maybe check out yours? I know that Adam's brand only adds a little salt.


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