Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sizzle Summer

I have been a major fail at the Sizzle Summer Challenge!! Rochelle I owe you a big apology!!

Week 1:  181.6
Now: 190.6 (up 9 lbs)

Week 11.. Show us how much youve lost, and tell us how you feel.

I have gained!! Not lost!! I have stopped counting my calories, stopped tracking, eaten anything and everything Ive seen that looks yummy.
How do I feel? Depressed!! Not stay in bed depressed, but crying, fatigued, whiny, typed depressed.

Week 10.... Set a fitness goal and post measurements and pictures.
My sister and I conquered a hill. One that we thot we wouldnt attempt for several years. BUT, this weeks challenge pushed me to try it.

No pictures or measurements: same or bigger!!

Week 9....(Yes, I am way behind!)
No sugar or after dinner snacking.  The after dinner snacking was easy. I dont do that, because I dont get home from work until 8PM, so my supper is really late!!

No sugar. I did pretty good, well, just ok.  Someone brought some peanut M and M's to work and I tasted one. then two , then three, then four, (you get the picture) THANK goodness the bag was empty by the end of the night!!

This week is WEEK 12..... Surpass your goal from week 10.  I WILL LOSE TWO pounds!!


  1. You can do it! Forgive yourself and start over:)

  2. I'm feeling like you are right now, Deb! We just have to move forward, and keep trying!

  3. Deb - you have come so far! You definitely know what it takes to get back on that horse and get those 9 lbs back off, and I know you will do it. Don't focus on the gain, just focus on getting back into the habit of tracking, and once you see where those extra calories are coming from (and how many there are)it will be easier to re-establish your plan for success. Keep chugging forward, one day at a time! Have a great week! You got this!

  4. Way to go conquering that hill. The rest will fall back in place because you know what you have to do to get it done!

  5. You are going to do this. I need you in this with me and I'm hoping you do better this week. Good luck!!


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