Saturday, August 4, 2012

Look back to move forward?

Jeff at Detroit Runner is looking for before and after pictures. 

His post sent me looking for pictures. Funny how I cant seem to find many full body shots of me. Im always hiding behind someone, a post, a kid, etc.....What an eye openner.

The past few weeks, well, actually the past few months, have been so very frustrating for me!!! Ive been hungry all the time. Ive gained 8 lbs.  I crave potato chips (and I dont even like them!!) Ive eaten enough chocolate to sink the Titanic. Ive eaten so many potatoes I have sprouts growing out my ears (not really).  Im grouchy. Im grumpy. Im down right #*$&#*$&+)@(itchy.

This past week I was so down that I convinced myself to quit the gym. Tuesday after Pump and Combat I was standing at the desk, and NOONE was there. So I showered and went home.  I wanted to quit everything healthy!! Stop walking every morning, stop body pump, stop combat, stop eating veggies, stop eating fruit. I wanted to drown myself in chocolate and salt!!!

I even stopped reading my favorite blogs last week.

On my calendar for today was a virtual run for Boring Runner. I was going to skip it. He has hundreds of people running. Noone will miss my recap!!!
My kids drug me to the gym this morning, and refused to let me skip Body Pump, and I figured as long as Im there I may as well do the Sweat Your Thorns. I could tell I havent been running faithfully!! Took my breath away to knock out this 5K!!!

Back to Jeff and these pictures. This is what I found. I cried!!! Buckets!!! I wanted to give this up? Look how far Ive come!! 268 lbs to 188 lbs. Its taken me three LONG years, BUT......... Look where I have come from!!!
I still have a ways to go............ and that was depressing me. I was looking to far ahead!! and eating the wrong food, and drinking the wrong drink, and half heartedly working out.

First photo is June 2012 180 lbs
Top Right is June 2011 245lbs
Bottom Right is August 2010 265 lbs

Wanna give up? Look back to see where youve come from!

You can  put together a collage and forward it to him at

Jeff at detroitrunner dot com
I used PicMonkey to put together the collage.


  1. Great post! I think we all go through this, I do! Don't give up! I love that you found picture to see where you have come from.

  2. It sounds like you have yet to make the lifestyle change. If "no sugar" or "no junk" were a part of the new you - I wonder if you would be struggling like you are. Are you following someone else's plan or your own? There's a different mindset between I am going to do this until the weight is off and I now eat a diet with very little sugar and very little junk as my daily routine. Exercise is done for health rather than to lose weight. If you are running you are going to have healing muscles and higher calorie needs. The extra calories should come from lean meats and vegetables/fruits rather than starchy/sugary carbs. You do need some carbs to prevent being tired but when extra calories are needed they should come from meat and vegetables/fruits. I am just throwing some things out there for you to think about. This isn't a sermon but I think it sounds like one :-) Be careful out there today.

  3. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! And you have come so very far. It's not a race to get to the point in life we are perfect because you know we aren't going to get there but to get healthy and happy and beautiful, well my dear friend you are there and more some. Keep up the fantastic work and sharing and teaching and learning. You are awesome.
    Blessings my friend!

  4. Awe, Debs! You have come so far! You look great and you are an inspiration to me. Even hearing you were down this week and you picked yourself up helped me. Because I felt the same. I was supposed to eat no sugar this week and couldn't even do that. It was so depressing. BUT even if it takes me 3 years, I still want to lose another 10 lbs. And knowing you and reading your blog will help me. Thanks for posting and good luck for this coming week!!

  5. You look so great! You have come so far!

  6. I'm glad you pulled up those pictures to remind yourself how far you've come! Of course, you will still have times that you struggle, but you know what you need to do, and I have no doubt you will keep doing it! You should be so proud of yourself, Deb!

  7. Awesome post Deb,
    You have done a great job. Good job getting out there for the virtual run. Thanks for the note you left me on the upcoming virtual 5k in September. I am all signed up.

  8. Deb,
    You HAVE come a long way and I am so happy to hear that you revisited some old pictures to get yourself feeling back in the groove. Don't worry about how long it is taking for you to get there, the important thing is that you are well into your journey and are continuing to make progress. Keep going! There is a finish line out there!!

  9. You have done an excellent job and worked hard at it and look what you have to show for it! It's hard to get back on track but sometimes looking back to where you started may be a helpful push back on:-) I hope all is going well, I'll be rooting for ya:-)


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