Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I won, twice

From PAM at Empty Nest, I won NuNaturals. If you dont know Pam, go say hello. I LOVE to read about her life. Im very close to having an empty nest, and I love to read about her life adjustments, joys, sorrows. AND when I need a good laugh, I pull up this post and this post. Shes full of great ideas, recipes, laughs, and day to day living.
OK, back to my win......I've never tried NuNaturals before and have always been intrigued. Pam promised, "Here's the deal: FOUR (4) readers will win ONE (1) bottle of each of the Lemon, Orange and Peppermint flavored Stevia Liquids!"

 My box arrived and this is what I received!!
Because of the popularity of hte lemon, it was not available so they substituted Vanilla flavoring, liquid stevia, stevia packets, and no carb blend. When we openned the box, the scents were amazing!!!
 We tried the vanilla, peppermint, and orange as flavorings for water. Our favorite was the peppermint. It reminded me of those little white candies with the red stripes. YUM!!!! We decided that if it makes it to Christmas, we will be making homemade icecream with it!!! My daughter plans to use them for tea flavorings!!
 I cant wait to do some baking!! The website has some yummuy looking recipes! Thankyou Pam!!!

I won a Sweaty Bands headband from Shelley. I saw a bright pink envelope in the mailbox and I IMMEDIATELY knew it was Shelley.  If you havent read her blog, go check her out!! Shes lost 100 pounds and is finding a love of getting fit by running and riding her pink bike.
THANKYOU! I love my headband !! It stays in place and keeps my short hairs out of my sweaty face!!! Check out their website


  1. Fun! Love getting free stuff in the mail:)

  2. The Sweaty Band looks great on you! LOL on recognizing me by the pink envelope...


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