Thursday, August 23, 2012

Almost Empty Nest

On Sunday, TWO of my kids left for college.
Same town, same college, one on campus, one in an apartment.
I was so busy running up and down the steps, making beds, that I forgot to take pictures. BAD BLOGGER!!

 I now have a dining room floor. This was covered with college 'stuff'. Fridge, books, and other things you have to have at college.
It was all shoved into the back of my van, and hauled off. AND then carried (no elevator) up three flights of steps, to the apartment ON THE END of the third floor. 40 steps, yup I counted!! All those canned goods, the TV, the fridge, THE BODY BAG of clothes, all drug up THREE flights of steps, ALL 40 of them.

After I unloaded my daughter I ran over to campus and helped my son unload. Husband has a bum knee.  Made his bed, gave him a hug, and he was off to choir camp, and I was back to my daughters apartment just in time to hear, lets go get groceries.

22,905 steps later, back home and so ready for bed!!

One week and the youngest will be a Junior in High School. Time for SATs and College Shopping!!


  1. Your house is going to be so quite with two off to college. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, busy mama. You got in a great workout:)

  3. It really does seem never ending, doesn't it? I remember the days when we had 3 in college at one time. Now we're just down to the youngest and she's just started her senior year. So no more college crap! WooHoo! Just consider all those steps exercise. That's what I have to do. Hope all of them have a wonderful year!


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