Friday, August 31, 2012

August Foodie Pen Pal

This month I received my package from Michelle of michefrecipes.

I LOVE popcorn!!! And this Fix Mix was delicious!!! Notice the size (share? you must be kidding) size.  BOY was I tempted to keep it ot myself. BUT, I did share.

My son ate the Clark bar before my camera made it out of my purse.
I am not a lover of coffee, but this candy wasnt to bad. My daughter has claimed the remainder of the bag. (I did swipe a few peices!!)

This candy bar truely did tast like a Red Velvet Cake!!

Peanut butter and chocolate together in one. YUM!!! These were delicious. And some small chocolates to satisfy my sweet tooth!

And some spread! I havent tried it yet. But Im sure it will be wonderful.
Thankyou Michelle for the wonderful box of goodies!!

I sent my package to Kristen at Happiness is 18 Different Colors.

Would you like to participate in Foodie PenPals? Here are some basics, but click on over to Lindsays blog for specifics and details.

You send a box to someone, and someone else sends one to you. I have been pondering this for several months, I was so afraid of sending something someone wouldnt like, etc....... BUT, in February, I decided to take the plunge. SO MUCH FUN!!

On the 5th of the month you receive an email that tells you who you send your package to. It also includes their email so you can talk to them and find out if they have any allergies, or dislikes.
There are over 350 participants from all over the World. (IF youre in the US you only send to US, in Cananda only to Canada)
Then you go shopping, $15. maximum!! You can also send some of your own baked goods. Send your package to your pal by the 15th of the month, and on the 30th, you write a blog post to reveal your goodies.
To sign up for Foodie PenPals

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4th Annual 5K

Every year our church hosts a 5K.  There are four of us who get together every year in April to begin planning, and by the3rdh Saturday in August we have completed another run.
This was our 4th year. The 5K originally started as a way to raise money for our new church building. It has grown into a fundraiser for a family who has a medical problem, or financial difficulty.

My main responsibilities are  1) the water table, which I promptly delegated to my wonderful husband, 2) The FOOD, (we all know, I love to eat!!) and 3) Finish line tag puller offer. Racers, PLEASE dont wear your bib on your butt!!! Its really gross for me to pull off your tag and grab your booty, and feel your butt sweat!!!

  • Bananas,
  • Water,
  • Muffins,
  • Chips,
  • Oranges,
  • Graham Crackers,
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies.
This year oldest and youngest kid competed neck and neck. This is them at the first water station.
My heart soared as I saw them come around the corner to the finish line. Branden eeked out Amber by mere 100ths of a second.

And my beautiful sister!! She recently lost 50 lbs and has started taking up walking/running.  This was her first ever 5K.  She did intervals. She finished under 45. I am so so proud of her!! We had to skip our Monday morning walk, she said her legs felt like jelly, and steps were hard. I told her, 'welcome to the world of running'.

Every 1/2 mile we have a Bible Verse.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 12

Week 12 Challenge:  Surpass Goals from week 10.  WELL I gained in week 10!! So any loss would be an improvement!

Starting Weight: 181.6  I WAS so close to the 170s!!
Now: 190.1  Gain of 8.5  but loss of .5 for the week

Week 13 - (begin August 26) - LOW CARB WEEK & NO EATING OUTSkip the bread, pasta, cereal and rice this week. Stick to fruits and veggies and lean protein. While we're at it, let's ditch the restaurants, too. Make it a double challenge and hope that it pays off big next week!
(I already have a lunch date with a wonderful friend for Tuesday. We've been trying to get together for 2 months and our schedules havent allowed it. SO, I will be going out on Tuesday for lunch. BUT, other than that, no eating out!!)

Weekly Review:
My Sugar Challenge is going good. I think it should be called dessert and peanut butter challenge.  Yesterday afternoon I did take a bite of a banana muffin, and realized what I was donig and promptly spit it out. It really helps to have my friend a phone text away!! Great support and accountability!!

Body Pump and Combat at the gym on Saturday. AND my boss loaned me his P90X to try. HOW SCHMOLY!!!! Kick my butt and abs!!!
Im considering dropping my gym membership. Its a 25 minute drive.  The cost of gas and the membership is really adding up, With two kids in college, I really need every penny I can scrape together!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sugar Challenge

I got a text this morning at 530AM that said. "Hey girlfriend, wanna do a sugar challenge? I need accountability" NOW, at 530AM Im not very awake at all!! so I said "sure!! Love to!!" Then she said, "And you have to add Peanut Butter to that challenge." After, some sobs, whining, and not very nice words, I gave in and agreed. SO, for one month no candy, pie, cookies, NO CHOCOLATE, cake, ice cream,  NO PEANUT BUTTER!

Last November Maren from Cow to Wow hosted a sweet tooth challenge, and I loved it. (Well, loved is a strong word).  BUT it was great for me to see how I was able to survive!

SO for one month... Starting NOW!!!  OH, How I will miss my friend!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Trail walk

Today I asked begged pleaded bribed my son to go on a walk with me. I wanted to go on the trail thru the woods, and I wanted company!! Its so much fun to spend time with him and chat! We talked about his 'fear' and excitement of being  a Junior in High School this year. His dream of getting a car and a job. And then he said, "Next year I want to do some running at the 5K at church". My running mommy heart soared! So we are making plans to do the Couch to 5K. Ill do it with him. He says he needs motivation!!

 This is what we saw!
Fall leaves!! Im not ready for fall (that means winter!) Id much rather have the head and humidity than the snow and the cold!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Almost Empty Nest

On Sunday, TWO of my kids left for college.
Same town, same college, one on campus, one in an apartment.
I was so busy running up and down the steps, making beds, that I forgot to take pictures. BAD BLOGGER!!

 I now have a dining room floor. This was covered with college 'stuff'. Fridge, books, and other things you have to have at college.
It was all shoved into the back of my van, and hauled off. AND then carried (no elevator) up three flights of steps, to the apartment ON THE END of the third floor. 40 steps, yup I counted!! All those canned goods, the TV, the fridge, THE BODY BAG of clothes, all drug up THREE flights of steps, ALL 40 of them.

After I unloaded my daughter I ran over to campus and helped my son unload. Husband has a bum knee.  Made his bed, gave him a hug, and he was off to choir camp, and I was back to my daughters apartment just in time to hear, lets go get groceries.

22,905 steps later, back home and so ready for bed!!

One week and the youngest will be a Junior in High School. Time for SATs and College Shopping!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prize from Julie

My dear friend Julie hosted a Virtual 5K as part of Rochelles Summer Sizzle.
I won the prize in the virtual 5k. AND LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL!!!!
When I openned the envelope and saw this beautiful lace, I knew she made some jewlery! I have always admired her crafs and creations. Shes crafty, and crafty and crafty, and theres so many more!! She makes scarves, and jewlery, but I couldnt find that post.
Anyway, I was so excited!!

Thankyou Julie for the beautiful prize!! I treasure it!! And have received so many compliments!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sizzle Summer

I have been a major fail at the Sizzle Summer Challenge!! Rochelle I owe you a big apology!!

Week 1:  181.6
Now: 190.6 (up 9 lbs)

Week 11.. Show us how much youve lost, and tell us how you feel.

I have gained!! Not lost!! I have stopped counting my calories, stopped tracking, eaten anything and everything Ive seen that looks yummy.
How do I feel? Depressed!! Not stay in bed depressed, but crying, fatigued, whiny, typed depressed.

Week 10.... Set a fitness goal and post measurements and pictures.
My sister and I conquered a hill. One that we thot we wouldnt attempt for several years. BUT, this weeks challenge pushed me to try it.

No pictures or measurements: same or bigger!!

Week 9....(Yes, I am way behind!)
No sugar or after dinner snacking.  The after dinner snacking was easy. I dont do that, because I dont get home from work until 8PM, so my supper is really late!!

No sugar. I did pretty good, well, just ok.  Someone brought some peanut M and M's to work and I tasted one. then two , then three, then four, (you get the picture) THANK goodness the bag was empty by the end of the night!!

This week is WEEK 12..... Surpass your goal from week 10.  I WILL LOSE TWO pounds!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Green Beans

Three bushel of green beans. Cleaned, snapped, washed, canned..................
NEXT................... TOMATOES!!!