Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekly Update

Deanna hosted a walk/run 5 miles for 20 days in the month of June. I did not accomplish this goal!!
This week.
Monday: .5 miles
Tuesday:  .5 miles
Wednesday:  .5 miles
Thursday: .5 miles
Friday: .5 miles
Saturday: 4.2

Deanna is having a recipe challenge for the month of July.Im a little nervous. I am NOT a 'try something new type person!!!" So this will stretch me!

Summer Sizzle Slimdown hosted by Rochelle from Does this Butt Make My Blog Look Fat.

This weeks challenge was to 100oz of water a day and share a healthy recipe. The water NO PROBLEM!!!! The recipe...FAIL!! BUT, I would love to send you to a previous blog post I did about my FAVORITE smoothie!!

Beginning Weight: 181.3
Todays Weight: 182.0 (+1.3) This is THE SAME as last week.

Week one: Continued to track my food. I FAILED this one this week. I only tracked one day!! BACK TO IT!!!!
Week two: Continued at least 6 hrs of excersize per week.
Monday: walked to and from work
Tuesday:  Body Combat, free weights  1.30 hours
Wednesday: walked to and from work
Thursday: walked to and from work.
Friday:  Body Combat, Set Ups, Treadmill, free weights, 1.30 hours
Saturday: NO electric at the gym!! Walked with my sister: 1.45 hours

Week three: Did elliptical. I did it again for 15 minutes each time I was at the gym.
Week four: 100 oz water every day. Share healthy recipe.
Week five challenge: LOSE two pounds this week. And take measurements. !!


  1. Have a good week five of he umber sizzle!

  2. This week will be hard. Good luck!

  3. You have the exercise under control - good for you!
    Hope you have a great week - good luck meeting the 2 lb challenge! You can do it!

  4. Good luck this week!! I have to figure out how to get at least 100oz of water in my body everyday. Now if they could only come up with diet coke flavored water... humm opps I guess they did ;-)

  5. Good luck this week! I hope you see a loss on the scale this week. You're busy doing lots of challenges!

  6. Every week can not be perfect. You just always do your best and let the Lord worry about the rest.
    You are awesome Deb, you really are. Just look how far you've come. It's been such a great pleasure being able to be part of your journey.
    Good luck this week and I know that you will be rocking this 2 lbs.
    Take care and have a blessed rest of the week!


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