Sunday, July 29, 2012

week 8

Challenge starting weight: 181.3
Current weight:  186.5 (up 5.2)

Sunday: Walk 9 miles
Monday: Walk 5.5 miles,
Tuesday: Body Pump, Body Combat
Wednesday: Walk 4.5 miles,
Thursday: Walk 1 mile
Friday: Walk 4 miles, abs
Saturday: Walk 4.5 miles, Body Pump, Body Combat.

This week our Challenge was to face head on one of our fears. Mine is the spin class. So far it doesnt fit into my schedule, BUT I did go into the spin room, sit on a bike for 10 mins.  OUCH!!!! Its gonna take abit to get used to those small seats!! I will take a class when it fits into my schedule!

Last week our Challege was to do or sign up to do a 5K. Julie  hosted a virtual 5K. I did that on Saturday last week at our Epilepsy Fun Run/Walk

This weeks challenge is Week 9 - (begin July 29) - NO SUGAR (unless it's all natural) AND NO SNACKING AFTER DINNER

For Deannas Me and You Getting Fit, we were to try a new recipe.
My daughter made spinach guacomole dip. She made it, made me try, and then told me what it was. It was ok. but..... I could do without.

We also experimented on canning salsa and beef stew.

I also made an egg in a mug in the microwave. I LOVE scrambled eggs, and just dont have time to make them in the morning. IT was ok, but will take a bit to get used to.


  1. My trainer said it takes a few weeks for your butt to get used to the spin bike seats. They sure do not look comfy at all! But sitting on a bike is one step closer to taking the class. Good for you!

  2. Those bump ups in our weight bring us back to reality and make us humble don't they? I just had one myself and it was from not paying close enough attention to what I was doing. We get too full of ourselves and then the scale gives us that wake up call. It's great you are trying new things. I know what you mean about that seat in spin class - it has to be an ancient torture device.

  3. Good morning Deb. I think I'm going to find this week harder then last week. No sugar. Really it's not like I just eat it to eat it but the kids like a sweet afternoon snack, like homemade cookies, cakes, know what I mean. I'll just try my best and stick with fruit. I bought me some bing cherries that I love so hopefully they'll last a while.
    You will do awesome this week, I know it. It is hard to get it all in, it just is so pick and choose what's possible and the rest will be there later on to get done. I posted all the particapants to the 5K and tomorrow or Wednesday I'll have Rachel pick us three winners. I'll send you the 2nd two names and you can send them off something. It's nothing huge or expensive (at least mines not, just sorta a thank you for doing this with me).
    Take care Deb and have a blessed week.

  4. I have been wanting to do a spin class also. My friend teaches one so one day she was messing around in her room and I sit on one of the bikes to kill time and talk to her. OMG those little bike seats are killer on the rump! HA! I am so scared to try the real deal because I am afraid I couldn't keep up.

  5. I can't imagine sitting on those little seats for an intense spin class, but lots of people do it, so it must get easier! I can't wait to hear about your first spin class! Have a great week!

  6. When you are gotta go here and look-see...
    Blessings my friend!


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