Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Virtual Run

Laura from  Mommy Run Fast is hosting a virtual race. Its a 5 or 10 mile. Complete it anytime from August 31 thru September 4th

This is also for WALKERS!!!! (read to the end of the blog post!! She says, Walkers are welcome too!!!!!!!)

She also has some amazing sponsors with great prizes!  Click on the link and check it out

Shes also a spin instructor. Maybe she can give me some good pointers on how to reduce the 'rear' pain!!


  1. I'm doing this too:) Glad you entered!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, I'm so glad you signed up! I'm happy to try to help you think about reducing pain too... generally the best tips are using a padded seat cushion (you can bring in your own or sometimes classes have an extra for participants to use) or by raising the handle bar so you're not bending over too much. Feel free to email me if you have other questions. :)

  3. I'm excited about this virtual race!


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