Sunday, July 1, 2012

Virtual Run Recaps

  Did the 5K Sunday, It was SO HUMID!!! We recently had a lot of rain and wind and hail. We didnt lose power, but the church I attend did. SO, with no power, no church service. Instead I went for a jog. The first mile was a 12.3 and for me thats awesome. I then did some walk jog intervals. The humidity made breathing really difficult.

A wonderful friend of mine told me about a trail she found at the end of town. So thats where I went this morning. ABSOLUTLEY love it!! I will be back. A bit scarey at some points. I could see where deer had been on the trail, and even a bear.

Theres a river down below the trail, and the sound was amazing. Someone still has their maple sugar lines up. I met some squirrels and a hoards of gnats. BUT, the beauty of nature won out over the muddy potholes, gnats, and weird creepy bugs.

When we were kids we used to pick Queen Annes Lace and put them in food coloring and watch then turn colors. I was so tempted to pick this one. BUT, it wouldnt have survived the mile home.

5K (mile one 12.3 PR for me) Total time: 47.55

10K Saturday, WOW is it ever hot!!!!!!!!11
I started outside, but had to move inside to the treadmill!! Did lots of walk breaks on this one.


  1. Great job! Love finding new running trails. Yours looks beautiful:)

  2. That new trail you've found is beautiful! I'm sure you will enjoy running there.


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