Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekly Update

 Deanna is hosting the walk/run 5 miles for 20 days in the month of June.
Sunday: 1 mile
Tuesday: 3 miles
Friday: 6.55 miles
Saturday: 4.98 (.02 short)

Summer Sizzle Slimdown hosted by Rochelle from Does this Butt Make My Blog Look Fat.

This weeks challenge was to use a new to you machine. I challenged myself to the elliptical.  I had stepped on it 15 months ago when I started at the gym. I lasted 30 seconds and swore I would never again get on one!!
My daughter, the ellipical queen, showed me how to use it, and away I went. It wasnt near as bad as I remembered it. I found that I could go backwards much easier than forwards!! I lasted 20 minutes, and Im sure I will use it again!!!

Beginning Weight: 181.3
Todays Weight: 182.0 (+1.3) This is down from last week.

Week one: Continued to track my food. Trying to lesson my fruit and increase my veggies.
Week two: Continued at least 6 hrs of excersize
Week three: Did elliptical
For week rour our challenge is: 100oz of water a day and share a healthy recipe.
I LOVE water!!! I drink a minimum of 100 oz a day. The healthy recipe...... OH UM!!! HUMMMMM. ok, Ill find one!!

Measurements: post updates next week.


  1. Yeah, the water is easy when it's 95 degrees outside, isn't it? You're doing great, and are more consistent than me. That's what I need to work on. Maybe another challenge someday.

  2. Great job on the elliptical. Not my favorite machine since my feet always seem to go numb, but it's a good workout:) SO much fun to work out with your daughter.

  3. Looks like this weeks challange will be easy peasy for not so much!

  4. Good luck for this week. You are doing so good.

  5. Great goals! It helps so much to have them written out like that. And I saw you're a foodie pen pal, too- I just did it for the first time this month! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway, glad to connect with you!

  6. Sounds like you're going to rock the "water" challenge this week! Looking forward to reading your recipe! :D

  7. You are amazing. I love all that you're doing. Keep it up Deb. You are awesome. Keep it up. take care and God Bless!!


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