Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly Update

Last weeks goals:
Weight: Be in the 170s (please!!) Alas I was still at 181.0 this morning. BUT, it will come!! I know it will!!!
Exercise: I will do Body Pump and Yoga, and a light run every day. (streak baby!!!). I have a half marathon scheduled for Saturday. (I would LOVE to have a faster time)I impoved my time by 8 minutes. I did Body Pump and run intervals.
Nutrition: I have slacked in my tracking, Its a bit halfhearted and I know I dont write everything down anymore. So today I start doing it wholeheartedly!!! Tracked!!
NSV: I cant wait to see what this week brings my way! I turned my XLarge shirt in for a Large at the half marathon!!

And this week I hope to visit every blog of those still in the challenge!! I made it to everyone who linked up by Monday.

Thank you to Maren for hosting this Challenge!!

During this Challenge I lost 9 lbs.
I became much more aware of my Non Scale Victories.
The mini Challenges made me think!! I didnt post to all of them. Some of them were very personal, (to me) and contained information that I was not ready to share. I have them in drafts, and maybe some day I will have grown enough to share them opennly.
In week one, I learned that a Rutabago looks very different from an Eggplant.
I made some new friends!

Starting today I am taking part in several new Challenges.
Rochelle is hosting the Summer Sizzle Slimdown.
And Deanna is hosting a Walk/Run Challenge for the month of June.

Pictures: (My daughter will take them Wednesday night)

Weight 181.3
Week One Challenge:
Start tracking. ABSOLUTELY everything! I am on My Fitness Pal.
Everything that enters my mouth gets counted!!

My goal is 1200. UNLESS I do a long run, or more than one hour of intense excersize, then it will go up approximately 250 calories.


  1. Great job! You will get in the 170's I promise. Just keep up the good work:)

  2. Great job with the Challenge. 170's are so close, I will do a happy dance with you when you get there. :)

    I am so happy you are joining us on the 5 mile challenge. My goal is to keep up with everyone!

  3. 9 lbs was awesome and just look at all you did with this past challenge. I am hoping to kick butt this challenge too. I know I can, it's just seeming really hard to get going. I will, I know I will but I wish you lived closer so you could help me. Oh well, you're here via the internet and I thank you for your support and help.
    Keep up the great work. Take care Deb and good luck!

  4. Your progress since last challenge I was in with you has been amazing.


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