Sunday, June 24, 2012

Virtual Run

On Friday I did the 10K. I did OUTSIDE hills. So far all my hill training has been inside on the treadmill. The first hill was .54 miles and I did it at a 12.04 pace. I was elated!! My regualr pace is a 13.30.  I was exhausted and inhaling the pavement when I got to the top, but boy did that feel good!! Then every half mile or so there was another hill. None of them were as fast, but I did push myself. I slept like a log that night!!!  I will go outside from now on for my hills!!!

Saturday night my daughter went with me for the 5K. The first 1.5 miles are flat, then theres a BIG *#$#*)& hill. I conquered it back in April. Im amazed at how much easier it gets each time I climb it.  Thankyou Toni from runninglovingliving for hosting this virtual run!!


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