Friday, June 15, 2012

My kids!

 This summer my son is working on his Senior Project for school.  He is organizing a team for the Epilepsy Fun Run/Walk  in Pittsburgh PA.  He is doing this in honor of his older sister, who was diagnosed with epilepsy in the fall of 1998.

At Christmas time he had a cookie bake sale. He raised over 200.00.  And spent 3 Saturdays in the kitchen, with his sisters help, rolling and icing and baking and dipping cookies. 

This summer he sent letters to local businesses asking for sponsorship. 
He would like to provide everyone on the team with a tshirt, but this means the Epilepsy Foundation will receive less money. I love his thought process!!

He has made his mommy proud!!

If you would like to donate to our team, click on the following link.


  1. What a great thing to do. You must be so proud of him. Wishing him all the best and I hope he raises more than he needs!

  2. Awesome! And those cookies look yummy:)

  3. So walk first, stretch, walk/jog, cool down, stretch? That's the right order? I can do that too, as long as I know that's what I'm suppose to do. Heck there's no one here to help me but you guys and I love it when you leave me a comment and tell me what's up. Thank you Deb.
    Take care and I'll do my best to get back into my running...just so slow going this time. Hate to hurt, it just royally bites the big one.
    Blessings my friend!


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