Saturday, June 2, 2012

Deckers Creek Half Marathon.

Deckers Creek half marathon. Absolutely loved this race!! LOVED it!!
It was a point to point race. Almost all down hill. Very slow gradual down grade on crushed limestone and the last 3 miles on pavement.  We picked up our packets at 7AM and were loaded into buses and taken up a VERY CURVEY road to the start line. The registration was limited to 600 participants and it the start was in two waves. The start line had 12 portapots, (I saw lots of squats in the woods!!) and was a quarter mile down the trail.

It was cold this morning. Only 62 degrees when we were dropped at the start line. I didnt drop my sweatshirt off in the van because it was so cool!! I knew Id have to drop it at the start line. : (

We waited in the portapot line, and heard the first wave leave.  We had 15 minutes, only 12 pots, and 300 people. (OK, not quite that many in line)  As we were coming out of the pot, we heard the gun sound for the second wave, sprinted the quarter mile to the start, pushed my garmin, and we were off!!

I felt really good the first 6 miles. I was by myself pretty much the whole time, (being slow, and starting late kinda puts you at the tail end!)

During mile one there was a family of four that came up behind me. As they passed me the lady in PINK told the lady in YELLOW to  make sure that she doesnt finish behind 'her'. (referring to me). At mile three I came right up behind YELLOW lady, and she heard me, turned around and said, 'oh no, I gotta go, my family will be so disappointed.'  She did walk run intervals.  Every time I would be about 10 feet behind her, she would turn around, see me and run. I caught her again during mile 5. And she was almost crying. I told her that this was her race, and no matter what her family says, she needs to be proud!!

Mile 7. I caught the YELLOW lady and her dad, and sister. Yellow lady said, *#$&*#$& some not so nice words, and she tried to speed up. I kept my even pace, and soon passed them, and that was the last I saw of them!!!
So thankful that I didnt let them get into my head!! I didnt think, Im gonna show them, or get upset!! I wouldve worn myself out!
Mile 10ish my legs were really really hurting! I came to the 11 mile marker and my legs just stopped. I didnt even think stop, they just stopped. And I started to cry, I was so mad!! I wanted so bad to run the whole thing!! I played some mind games, beat myself up, and reminded myself that YOU CANT RUN AND cry at the same time!! I decided to walk mile 11, pull myself together and then run to the end. Thats when I met my angel!  I caught her while I was walking. She pulled her headphones off and started talking. We chatted, and I felt so much better. We talked about kids, jobs, work, friends.  We ran intervals. and decided when we saw the 13 mile marker we would sprint to the end. It was wonderful to have someone to finish with!! My pace!
My goal was to keep each mile under 13. Not sure what happened on mile 6, but otherwise I made my goal until I hit that aweful mile 11. I was hoping for a 2:45. BUT, I am not disappointed (well I was at first), but I took 8 minutes off my first Half Marathon.  I kept a very even pace (up to mile 11).
They had 7 water stops. So I made the decision to not carry water. (The first time Ive EVER done that) I think I have always carried it as a safety net. BUT, without my water, I wasnt able to carry my phone. I think I NEED want a spybelt!!

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a TCBY frozen yogurt. Peanut Butter with Reese Peanut Butter cups in it. I ate half of it, and started to feel sick, so I stopped.  BUT, the half I had was amazing!!!

AND nonscale victory!! My race shirt is a Large instead of a 2 XL like it would have been 6 months ago!! And according to the website the shirt is made of recycled cotton and plastic bottles. Cool!!  


  1. Way to go, Deb!!!!!!!!! I'm so very happy for you!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.....on and AWESOME!!! I am so proud of you Deb. Oh I am!!! WOW, I wonder if sometime in my future that will be possible.
    You are amazing and I loved reading all of this. Blessings!!

  3. Way to go!

    Im so bummed to hear what the lady in yellow was saying... I have always found half marathoner's (as apposed to full marathoners) so much more friendly and encouraging. Its about making us all better ... not one better than the person running next to them.

  4. Oh my gosh. You are a warrior!! I love it. wow I am SO impressed. This is truly awesome. You kick butt!!!

  5. That is such a huge accomplishment!! Congratulations Debbie, I'm so proud of you!!!

  6. Great job Deb!!! TCBY was a well-deserved treat!


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