Sunday, June 10, 2012

Challenge updates

Walking Challenge hosted by Deanna

Friday: 1 easy run mile
Saturday: 13.1 run miles
Sunday: 7 mile walk
Monday: 3 mile walk
Tuesday: 2 mile run treadmill
Wednesday: 1 mile easy run treamill
Thursday: rest day
Friday: 2 miles run intervals
Saturday: 3.12 run miles
June Total Miles: 32.22

Summer Sizzle Slimdown Challenge:
Beginning Weight: 181.0
Todays Weight: 182.5  (+2.5)

Measurements: (update monthly)

This weeks challenge was to write EVERYTHING down that enters your mouth. This is a habit that I started when I first began my weight loss journey in 2010.  Last month for some reason, I stopped. I just quit. I guesstimated. This week was a wonderful refresher and a GREAT reminder why its so very important for me to track!!

Sunday:  1988
Monday:  1525
Tuesday: 1560
Wednesday:  1125
Thursday:  1042
Friday:  650
Saturday:  2929!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My goal is to stay  between 1200 and 1500 calories. The higher end when I do more cardio. The lower end on rest days. Im on My Fitness Pal at debsdailylife.  I added sugar and fiber to my list of things to track, along with the carbs, calories, protein, and fat.  Even though this weekly challenge is over, I will continue!!

Week 2 Challenge: 6 hours of excericse this week. I LOVE exercise, so I think this will be great week!! I have a calendar just for my excersize. On Thursday, my rest day (I work from 7AM to 9PM) I come up with a plan for the next week. Of course nothing is set in stone. Life happens. BUT it feels so good to cross the day off!! In July Ill be training for my next half marathon, so Ill fill in my training runs up thru October.

My daughter took my starting pictures yesterday:
This is the tank top I want to wear from my next half marathon. And I DONT want to see those stomach or back  rolls!!!


  1. over 20 miles just on the weekend! wow!!!!! :) You Rock.

  2. Great miles in June! Looks like keeping track of your calories will really help:)

  3. Debbie! You are looking so slim already! I'm so proud of you. You are a runner and I admire that. I can't imagine why you gained, after so much exercise! HOpe next week turns out better!

  4. I, too, have slacked off recently with the tracking ... but I'm back on task now!
    Good luck reaching your goals for both challenges :)

  5. You look great, Deb!! You're going to do wonderful with both challenges - I know it! :)

  6. Good for you Deb - you are starting this challenge off right! I am happy to see that quite a few people posted pics and have goals that pertain to what they see. I think it's motivating and the monthly snapshots are all part of the process. I am inspired by you with your calendar book for exercise and your upcoming marathon! You rock!!!


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