Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Update

This week I tried a new class at the gym. YOGA!!! I loved it!!! Amanda from Run to the Finish has a new challenge every month, and this month is to do some form of Yoga every day for a month. Ive been doing a DVD at home, but nothing beats a great class!!

My Saturday run was awesome!! Only two of us showed up, and we ran intervals on the trail. 2 miles down hill, which means 2 miles UP HILL!! Run for two minutes, sprint 30 seconds, and walk for one minute.  I survived and was surprised how good I felt afterwards!! My last sprint she told me to keep going until I hit the road, it felt like 5 minutes, but Im sure it was more like 2, and I did it at a 9.15 pace. I wish I could push myself when I run by myself.

This was my list of goals for this week: Didnt do so well.

Weight: See the 170s on the scale. (lose 1.2 pound) Lost .6 lbs.
NSV: Id LOVE to be able to fit into my size 16 pants!!! I DID IT!! My sister gave me a pair of black pants when she moved out, I can now zip them up and wear them in public!!
Excersize: Get back to Body Pump, Body Combat, Abs, etc. I will continue running, but I want to increase the cross training. My wonderful husband took my keys with him to work, leaving me with no way to get to the gym on my Body Pump/Body Combat day.   YOGA!! I love it!! See above.  
Nutrition: Start juicing one meal a day. When I had increased the running, I gave up the juicing. Im ready to get back to it!!! Did not juice at all!! Major fail!
Next weeks goals:
Weight: See the 170s!!!
NSV: I cant wait to see what I discover this week!!
Excersize: Body Pump, Body Combat, Abs, running, and YOGA!!
Nutrition: Juicing.


  1. Glad you had a great run! I know you will rock it this week:)

  2. Great job on the run!!! And congrats on getting into those jeans!! Have a great week!

  3. At least you did lose a bit. Good luck with week 9. There's not many of us still hanging in there.

  4. I haven't done yoga in way too long and I totally miss that feeling of getting a good workout as well as feeling all stretched out!
    Awesome work on your run and fitting into those pants! :) Good luck with week 9!

  5. Yippeeee on the smaller pant size!!

  6. Congrats on the size smaller!!! I always love when I go down a size. :) Yoga sounds awesome. I have always wanted to add some to my workouts. :) I may do that now. Thanks for the motivation!! Keep up the good work!! You are worth it!

  7. Congrats on the loss and smarter pant size! That's great that you had a wonderful run and enjoyed yoga. I have not done as well this month as I would have liked to do with yoga.

  8. Great job! I love the juicing, I need to get back to that myself!


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