Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekly Recap

On Sunday, I completed my first Half Marathon.
My big goal was to finish before the 3 1/2 hour cut off. My second goal was to finish under 3 hours. (I look rather terrified at that start line!!) 
I started out WAY to fast for me!! I was ahead of the 2:40 pace group thru mile 3.  I set a 5K PR. NOT something you want to do in a half marathon!!!!  I did finish at 3:01.54! And I received a medal and a running jacket.


Monday I won a Nathans Hand Held in Suz and Allans virtual Run For Ali.  and it arrived in the mail on Tuesday. Super fast delivery!!

Saturday: Sweat Pink Virtual Run: Life as a Running Mom hosted a Mothers Day virtual run. I dont remember what distance I signed up to run.  I started out with a my running group. We were going to do 4 miles. After the first mile my stomach started hurting. During mile 2 I had dry heaves, I felt absolutely miserable. I told the rest of the crew to keep going, I was going to do some walking.   The leader stayed back with me, while the others ran on ahead.  After a couple minutes we started running again, and the nausea came back. Today was not a mind over body day!! I gave up the run and walked to the end. 3.48 miles in 51 minutes.

Last weeks goals:  All met
Weight: Down 1 pound  181.0
NSV: I completed the half marathon under the time limit.
Excersize: I trained for the half marathon, and took it easy
Nutrition:  On Friday and Saturday I ate extra carbs in anticipation of Sundays Half Marathon. BUT, I was 1200 -1400 calories every other day, and had a minimum of 100 oz of water every day.
This weeks goals
Weight: See the 170s on the scale. (lose 1.2 pound)
NSV:  Id LOVE to be able to fit into my size 16 pants!!!
Excersize: Get back to Body Pump, Body Combat, Abs, etc. I will continue running, but I want to increase the cross training.
Nutrition:  Start juicing one meal a day. When I had increased the running, I gave up the juicing. Im ready to get back to it!!!


  1. Great job on the half marathon! Good luck with goals in week eight. :)

  2. Wow! Way to go! Nice work on that half. have a great week 8!

  3. Good job on the half marathon. I love that you set your goal and MADE IT! I'll bet you get to the 170's this week.

  4. Wow -- Congrats on finishing the 1/2 marathon and within the time limit! Awesome! Good luck this week! :D

  5. WOW!!! Congratulations finishing your first half marathon!! I'm totally inspired :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week 8 :)

  6. Yeah!! Congratulations!! this is so fantastic!!

  7. That is amazing, you are so great! :D

  8. Most awesome. You truly are most awesome. Blessings!


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