Sunday, May 27, 2012

IM Going Streakin!!!

Pinned ImageWill you join me!?!?!? (clothing optional)

My streaking will involve running and is in response to a challenge put forth by Runners World. Im going to run at least one mile every day from Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day) to Wednesday, July 4th (Independance Day).

Not a runner? Come up with your own streak.  Make it public. Ask for accountability!!
 I think this would make a great CHALLENGE!!! (cough cough, Challenge organizers!!) 

Challenge yourself to: soda chips
...walk one mile
...walk one block
...10 pushups
...two servings of veggies on chapter your Bible
...take your vitamins
...brush your teeth (if you dont already, WE NEED TO TALK!!) in bed 10PM complaining speeding
...10 minutes of Yoga
...fill in the blank________________________

YOU pick what YOU want to work on for one month, only ONE thing!! Not 2, or 5, or 10. JUST ONE!!

Weekly roundup. I cant believe this is the last week!!
Thankyou Maren!!
Weight: I REALLY REALLY wanted to be in the 170s today, but..... I didnt make it, I actually went up .6 lbs. (181.0) BUT, I had a great week, and I will not complain, and say what if etc....

Exercise: Heaving a washing machine, Yoga, Body Pump..It was so good to go back to class!! My legs and rear hurt for two days!! Treadmill Intervals, Body Combat, Free Weights, Abs,

Nutrition: My daughter is home from college and she LOVES juices. Shes pushing me out of my comfort zone, and has me trying new veggies and fruits.

NSV: I got a size 12 pair of pants over my hips. THEY DONT CLOSE!!! BUT I got em over my bulldozer wide hips!!

Next weeks goals:
Weight: Be in the 170s (please!!)
Exercise: I will do Body Pump and Yoga, and a light run every day. (streak baby!!!). I have a half marathon scheduled for Saturday. (I would LOVE to have a faster time)
Nutrition: I have slacked in my tracking, Its a bit halfhearted and I know I dont write everything down anymore. So today I start doing it wholeheartedly!!!
NSV: I cant wait to see what this week brings my way!

And this week I hope to visit every blog of those still in the challenge!!


  1. Yeah on the'll be zipping the up before you know it. The thought of a bunch of people streaking made me smile!

  2. Love the idea of streaking :) I'm sure we'd all amaze ourselves by what we can accomplish when we put our mind to it.
    Looks like a really good week of exercise this past week.
    Good luck reaching your goals for week 10!

  3. Wow! You have been doing so well! I'm so proud of you and you
    inspire me to do better. I will be walking again this week for sure!

  4. you're soo close to your goal! Good luck! You can make it!

  5. Next week I'm sure you will see the 170's! I think I'm going streaking too!

  6. Hope you have a great final week in the RFSC.

  7. Keep up the hard work, and you'll be, comfortably, in those size 12's before you know it!

  8. You'll be streaking fabulously I'm sure! Sounds like things are going well for ya, I've been slacking on all things really and need to get back to it! I should have been running by now but nope, still just a mere minute here & there... if that! I need to get back to reading all your inspiration:-)

  9. That is quite cool tat you are almost in a size 12!!! Have a great final week!


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