Monday, May 7, 2012

Frederick Half Marathon

I finished!!! I have a medal!!! I survived!!! I ate fried chicken and french fries!!!

The Frederick Half Marathon was on Sunday.

Alarm went off at 4AM. I actually slept pretty good Saturday night, considering I wasnt in my own bed, and my nerves were flip flopping!

We arrived at the fair grounds, and were actually there early enough that we parked fairly close. We watched them set up Celebration Village, took some pictures at the start line, and did some warm up runs.

At 645 I decided I needed another potty break. MISTAKE!! The lines were long, and when I finally reached the portapot, it was disgusting!! Someone totally missed!! By then it was to late, and the line had started moving!! I decided I would hit the first set along the course.

It took 6 minutes for everyone to cross the start line.

Adrenaline was pumping, and I started my Garmin. I was feeling great!! My Garmin beeped mile one and I realized I was under 13 Minutes per Mile. That was way to fast!! Ive never run under a 13.75 in training. I tried to slow down, but I just kept going with the crowd.

This is at mile 5 I finally started to slow down! I took a peanut butter Gu, YUM!!  There were several hills, well, not really hills, more like inclines. It was so good to see my husband and friend along the route at different spots!!  The volunteers were amazing!! Very supportive, cheering! The spectators were thinning out by the time I came along, (I heard there were more for the frontrunners). One young girl was handing out strawberries, another gummy bears.

Mile 7 my legs were hurting and I started walking thru the water stops, and then walking intervals.
I walked .1 ran .4 until I reached the end.

I got confused about the Finish Line. There was a timing mat that we ran over, and I thot that was the end. so I started walking, then as I turned the corner I realized that the finish line was still to come. I think thats why the last .1 was almost 2 minutes!!

I love my medal and my jacket (I was to hot to model mine, but its the blue and red one that my friend is wearing.   I learned so much!! I have to learn how to slow down when I know its to fast, dont compare yourself to the people in front of you,  (at least not at mile 3), try to pass them at mile 13, and I love racing, I just wish it wasnt so expensive!!!!
Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and showered before the noon checkout. Then we went and ate lunch.  It was a buffet, (bad for weight loss, but great for after a long run!!)  I didnt eat the breading on the shrimp, or the skin on the chicken, (well ok, one bite of the skin). Some baked fries, a peice of cheesey breadstick. And for dessert, a cup of icecream with carmel sauce. SO YUMMY!!! 

Overall, Im very proud. My goal was to finish under the 3:30 cut off. My bigger goal was to finish under 3 hours. I ended up finishing in 3 hours 1 minute and 51 seconds.

I had a wonderful time!! I learned a lot!! And I will definately do it again!!
(I just wish it wasnt so expensive!!!)


  1. Fantastic!!! Congrats, Deb!!!

  2. Great job Deb! It is hard to not want to pass people in the beginning:) Way to run your own race and get a great time:)

  3. Woohoo!!! Great job! I am so proud of you for running such a fabulous race. You are so close to breaking the 3 hour mark!

  4. Oh Deb, Oh how proud of you I am. AMAZING!!! Just plain totally awesome! Oh girl, WOW. You did it and I am just so darn proud of you!! Blessings!!

  5. So fabulous! I love how you set your goals and work to acheive them, such an inspiration:-)


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