Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Battle scars

Sunday afternoon my sister called and asked if Id go help her pick up a FREE washer and dryer at her coworkers house. (I forgot my camera!!)  We picked up dads pickup and started out on our journey.

basement (all the suns are blue tonight) Tags: basement cobweb centipede cellar 2012
We pulled up to the house and followed the coworker and her husband into the DEEP DARK basement of spider heaven. (no this is not the actual basement, but I looked like this!!

Apparently the mother had passed away two years ago, and they hadnt been in the basement since then.

Unhooked the washing machine, and tried to move it, HEAVY!! I openned the lid and found...........it 1/4 full of water. THEY hadnt been in the basement in TWO years. Where there's two year old water theres also...................
MOLD. This is mild compared to what we saw. Plugged it back in, drained the water, walked the washer to the door. (While the helper husband stood and made no attempt to help up).

So we started heaving and hoing up the steps. My sister pushed while I pulled. We giggled, I landed on my butt (twice), lost my shoes because the steps were narrow and my feet are huge, One step at at time. We continued to pull and push and finally made it to the top of the steps. AND suprisingly it was still in one peice.  Sigh.  Then we realized we had to get it UP on the back of the pickup. How in the world? We looked at each other and laughed. (I think you had to be there).
Thankfully coworkers husband came up and helped.

The dryer was light and we managed that one just fine.

We stopped at McDonalds to wash our hands, and legs, and arms, and face, and had a big Mac and Fries. water. and went to her house to unload.
We were on our back to my dads house to return the pickup when we got the voicemail that my dad went to CHURCH. and we should come there to trade keys (he borrowed my sisters car). CHURCH!?!??! are you serious?? We are covered in spider webs, black basement gunk, and smell like teenage boy sweat. I must love my sister!! I walked into church and traded keys.

My rewards: A wonderful evening with my sister and battle scars, and wonderful memories


  1. That was a workout and a half! The example pics cracked me up.

  2. Holy cow! Those are some major battle scars. Ouch! What a good sister you are:)

  3. OUch!!That must have hurt! But I'm glad you had fun, then it's all worth it!

  4. What we won't do for our sisters. You are a great one. Ice that bruise and healing cream on the hand. Smiles, laughter and good times...it what makes the world go around.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  5. Oh my gosh - you did get banged up, didn't you?!! I hope you heal quick! Fun post....well, minus the injury parts! :)

  6. Yowza! That was some determination it sounds like!


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