Thursday, May 31, 2012


What an amazing way to end my work day!

Genesis 9:13

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)
13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apparently, 'That U shaped thingamabob at the bottom that attaches to the long springy thing" is not what my plumber friend calls that peice that broke and caused my dish water to flood my cupboard and kitchen floor.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

IM Going Streakin!!!

Pinned ImageWill you join me!?!?!? (clothing optional)

My streaking will involve running and is in response to a challenge put forth by Runners World. Im going to run at least one mile every day from Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day) to Wednesday, July 4th (Independance Day).

Not a runner? Come up with your own streak.  Make it public. Ask for accountability!!
 I think this would make a great CHALLENGE!!! (cough cough, Challenge organizers!!) 

Challenge yourself to: soda chips
...walk one mile
...walk one block
...10 pushups
...two servings of veggies on chapter your Bible
...take your vitamins
...brush your teeth (if you dont already, WE NEED TO TALK!!) in bed 10PM complaining speeding
...10 minutes of Yoga
...fill in the blank________________________

YOU pick what YOU want to work on for one month, only ONE thing!! Not 2, or 5, or 10. JUST ONE!!

Weekly roundup. I cant believe this is the last week!!
Thankyou Maren!!
Weight: I REALLY REALLY wanted to be in the 170s today, but..... I didnt make it, I actually went up .6 lbs. (181.0) BUT, I had a great week, and I will not complain, and say what if etc....

Exercise: Heaving a washing machine, Yoga, Body Pump..It was so good to go back to class!! My legs and rear hurt for two days!! Treadmill Intervals, Body Combat, Free Weights, Abs,

Nutrition: My daughter is home from college and she LOVES juices. Shes pushing me out of my comfort zone, and has me trying new veggies and fruits.

NSV: I got a size 12 pair of pants over my hips. THEY DONT CLOSE!!! BUT I got em over my bulldozer wide hips!!

Next weeks goals:
Weight: Be in the 170s (please!!)
Exercise: I will do Body Pump and Yoga, and a light run every day. (streak baby!!!). I have a half marathon scheduled for Saturday. (I would LOVE to have a faster time)
Nutrition: I have slacked in my tracking, Its a bit halfhearted and I know I dont write everything down anymore. So today I start doing it wholeheartedly!!!
NSV: I cant wait to see what this week brings my way!

And this week I hope to visit every blog of those still in the challenge!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mom tears

Yesterday was my babies 16th birthday. I posted this on facebook.
And his reply.........................AHH I am blessed!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Battle scars

Sunday afternoon my sister called and asked if Id go help her pick up a FREE washer and dryer at her coworkers house. (I forgot my camera!!)  We picked up dads pickup and started out on our journey.

basement (all the suns are blue tonight) Tags: basement cobweb centipede cellar 2012
We pulled up to the house and followed the coworker and her husband into the DEEP DARK basement of spider heaven. (no this is not the actual basement, but I looked like this!!

Apparently the mother had passed away two years ago, and they hadnt been in the basement since then.

Unhooked the washing machine, and tried to move it, HEAVY!! I openned the lid and 1/4 full of water. THEY hadnt been in the basement in TWO years. Where there's two year old water theres also...................
MOLD. This is mild compared to what we saw. Plugged it back in, drained the water, walked the washer to the door. (While the helper husband stood and made no attempt to help up).

So we started heaving and hoing up the steps. My sister pushed while I pulled. We giggled, I landed on my butt (twice), lost my shoes because the steps were narrow and my feet are huge, One step at at time. We continued to pull and push and finally made it to the top of the steps. AND suprisingly it was still in one peice.  Sigh.  Then we realized we had to get it UP on the back of the pickup. How in the world? We looked at each other and laughed. (I think you had to be there).
Thankfully coworkers husband came up and helped.

The dryer was light and we managed that one just fine.

We stopped at McDonalds to wash our hands, and legs, and arms, and face, and had a big Mac and Fries. water. and went to her house to unload.
We were on our back to my dads house to return the pickup when we got the voicemail that my dad went to CHURCH. and we should come there to trade keys (he borrowed my sisters car). CHURCH!?!??! are you serious?? We are covered in spider webs, black basement gunk, and smell like teenage boy sweat. I must love my sister!! I walked into church and traded keys.

My rewards: A wonderful evening with my sister and battle scars, and wonderful memories

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Update

This week I tried a new class at the gym. YOGA!!! I loved it!!! Amanda from Run to the Finish has a new challenge every month, and this month is to do some form of Yoga every day for a month. Ive been doing a DVD at home, but nothing beats a great class!!

My Saturday run was awesome!! Only two of us showed up, and we ran intervals on the trail. 2 miles down hill, which means 2 miles UP HILL!! Run for two minutes, sprint 30 seconds, and walk for one minute.  I survived and was surprised how good I felt afterwards!! My last sprint she told me to keep going until I hit the road, it felt like 5 minutes, but Im sure it was more like 2, and I did it at a 9.15 pace. I wish I could push myself when I run by myself.

This was my list of goals for this week: Didnt do so well.

Weight: See the 170s on the scale. (lose 1.2 pound) Lost .6 lbs.
NSV: Id LOVE to be able to fit into my size 16 pants!!! I DID IT!! My sister gave me a pair of black pants when she moved out, I can now zip them up and wear them in public!!
Excersize: Get back to Body Pump, Body Combat, Abs, etc. I will continue running, but I want to increase the cross training. My wonderful husband took my keys with him to work, leaving me with no way to get to the gym on my Body Pump/Body Combat day.   YOGA!! I love it!! See above.  
Nutrition: Start juicing one meal a day. When I had increased the running, I gave up the juicing. Im ready to get back to it!!! Did not juice at all!! Major fail!
Next weeks goals:
Weight: See the 170s!!!
NSV: I cant wait to see what I discover this week!!
Excersize: Body Pump, Body Combat, Abs, running, and YOGA!!
Nutrition: Juicing.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekly Recap

On Sunday, I completed my first Half Marathon.
My big goal was to finish before the 3 1/2 hour cut off. My second goal was to finish under 3 hours. (I look rather terrified at that start line!!) 
I started out WAY to fast for me!! I was ahead of the 2:40 pace group thru mile 3.  I set a 5K PR. NOT something you want to do in a half marathon!!!!  I did finish at 3:01.54! And I received a medal and a running jacket.


Monday I won a Nathans Hand Held in Suz and Allans virtual Run For Ali.  and it arrived in the mail on Tuesday. Super fast delivery!!

Saturday: Sweat Pink Virtual Run: Life as a Running Mom hosted a Mothers Day virtual run. I dont remember what distance I signed up to run.  I started out with a my running group. We were going to do 4 miles. After the first mile my stomach started hurting. During mile 2 I had dry heaves, I felt absolutely miserable. I told the rest of the crew to keep going, I was going to do some walking.   The leader stayed back with me, while the others ran on ahead.  After a couple minutes we started running again, and the nausea came back. Today was not a mind over body day!! I gave up the run and walked to the end. 3.48 miles in 51 minutes.

Last weeks goals:  All met
Weight: Down 1 pound  181.0
NSV: I completed the half marathon under the time limit.
Excersize: I trained for the half marathon, and took it easy
Nutrition:  On Friday and Saturday I ate extra carbs in anticipation of Sundays Half Marathon. BUT, I was 1200 -1400 calories every other day, and had a minimum of 100 oz of water every day.
This weeks goals
Weight: See the 170s on the scale. (lose 1.2 pound)
NSV:  Id LOVE to be able to fit into my size 16 pants!!!
Excersize: Get back to Body Pump, Body Combat, Abs, etc. I will continue running, but I want to increase the cross training.
Nutrition:  Start juicing one meal a day. When I had increased the running, I gave up the juicing. Im ready to get back to it!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Frederick Half Marathon

I finished!!! I have a medal!!! I survived!!! I ate fried chicken and french fries!!!

The Frederick Half Marathon was on Sunday.

Alarm went off at 4AM. I actually slept pretty good Saturday night, considering I wasnt in my own bed, and my nerves were flip flopping!

We arrived at the fair grounds, and were actually there early enough that we parked fairly close. We watched them set up Celebration Village, took some pictures at the start line, and did some warm up runs.

At 645 I decided I needed another potty break. MISTAKE!! The lines were long, and when I finally reached the portapot, it was disgusting!! Someone totally missed!! By then it was to late, and the line had started moving!! I decided I would hit the first set along the course.

It took 6 minutes for everyone to cross the start line.

Adrenaline was pumping, and I started my Garmin. I was feeling great!! My Garmin beeped mile one and I realized I was under 13 Minutes per Mile. That was way to fast!! Ive never run under a 13.75 in training. I tried to slow down, but I just kept going with the crowd.

This is at mile 5 I finally started to slow down! I took a peanut butter Gu, YUM!!  There were several hills, well, not really hills, more like inclines. It was so good to see my husband and friend along the route at different spots!!  The volunteers were amazing!! Very supportive, cheering! The spectators were thinning out by the time I came along, (I heard there were more for the frontrunners). One young girl was handing out strawberries, another gummy bears.

Mile 7 my legs were hurting and I started walking thru the water stops, and then walking intervals.
I walked .1 ran .4 until I reached the end.

I got confused about the Finish Line. There was a timing mat that we ran over, and I thot that was the end. so I started walking, then as I turned the corner I realized that the finish line was still to come. I think thats why the last .1 was almost 2 minutes!!

I love my medal and my jacket (I was to hot to model mine, but its the blue and red one that my friend is wearing.   I learned so much!! I have to learn how to slow down when I know its to fast, dont compare yourself to the people in front of you,  (at least not at mile 3), try to pass them at mile 13, and I love racing, I just wish it wasnt so expensive!!!!
Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and showered before the noon checkout. Then we went and ate lunch.  It was a buffet, (bad for weight loss, but great for after a long run!!)  I didnt eat the breading on the shrimp, or the skin on the chicken, (well ok, one bite of the skin). Some baked fries, a peice of cheesey breadstick. And for dessert, a cup of icecream with carmel sauce. SO YUMMY!!! 

Overall, Im very proud. My goal was to finish under the 3:30 cut off. My bigger goal was to finish under 3 hours. I ended up finishing in 3 hours 1 minute and 51 seconds.

I had a wonderful time!! I learned a lot!! And I will definately do it again!!
(I just wish it wasnt so expensive!!!)