Sunday, April 15, 2012

Country Livin'

Yesterday I had a HORRIBLE run!! My legs hurt, I was tired, I was emotional, I couldnt breath, total fail. 
Today was gorgeous outside. 77 degrees. How can you NOT go outside in the sun?

So, I decided to go for a walk, and ENJOY nature! I grabbed my camera and this is what I saw.
This is my next hill to conquer (running).
An Amish Greenhouse

Decorative windmill at the Amish farm.

The horse and buggy have to be close by!!

Amish telephone booth.

Remember when.....
Remember when...

Thats where I live!! 7 mile hike today.

Beautiful white buds!

A robin

In a month this will be amazing green!!!


  1. spring is finally here!!!!! Plants are coming to life. It's weird how quickly that can change my attitude.

  2. What a great area you live in. Loved the pics and gave me an insight of where you walk. Thanks for posting them!

  3. What a lovely walk! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

  4. Very beautiful walk you a "horrible" run any day!! Aw heck, even beats a good run!! I did something similiar a few weekends back but with the bike. My legs/body have been overly tired lately and instead of wogging (walking/jogging) 10 miles I took the bike, along with some water and a camera, for 16ish miles. It was WONDERFUL!!!

  5. I've been having some leg pain myself, I hate it cause I really miss being able to push myself now that I feel I can't, or shouldn't! Great area, I love taking pics as I walk:-)


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