Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Roundup

What an amazing week its been!!!

Sunday my husband, good friends, and I walked up Summit.  A 3.5 mile walk up the freeway at a 1200 foot incline.  It was cold. But so much fun!!
Monday, we got hit with a weird snowstorm. We ended up with 12 inches of snow and schools were cancelled.  Thankfully it didnt stick around long, and by Wednesday morning it was gone!!!  And we celebrated Julies birthday!!

On Friday I did my longest run ever. 12.20 miles. AND I survived!! My legs are still sore, and Im using my compression leggings, ice and some ibuprofen.  I think I had my shoes tied to tight, the tops of my feet are a bit sore. I used this run as my virtual run for Julies birthday and for Cows and Lasers March of Dimes fundraiser.
Saturday I had my running class. It was cold and nasty outside. We worked on intervals. One of the ladies in the class is a Yoga instructor. After class she offered to show us some 'moves'. I had never participated in a Yoga class. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great stretch, and relaxing time!! I definately will take a Yoga class!!

Goals for this week:

Lose two pounds:  This week I am up one pound to 185.4.
Exercise: This week is rest week. Sunday is my half marathon.  On Tuesday I will do BodyCombat or Yoga, and Friday I will do some weight machines and ab work, Saturday my run class is doing some trail running.
Nutrtion: Make sure I hydrate, and Friday and Saturday will be some carb days in preparation for Sundays Half Marathon.
NSV: I cant wait to see what surprise I find this week!!


  1. I can't believer after all that walking you are up a lb! But I'm it's all that muscle you are building! So proud of you!

  2. Don't worry too much about the gain, it is only temporary.
    Living in the Tropics I would love to see snow, but people who live in the cold often tell me different LOL.
    I hope your weather improves, sending lots of tropical vibes your way!!!

  3. Congrats on your longest run to date :) Looking forward to hearing how you do on Sunday's half marathon - how exciting!

  4. Wow! You did some great exercise last week! Good luck with that upcoming half marathon!, you can get one of chose 13.2 magnets for your car!,

  5. What a great run! And wow that's some snow! It's rare in this part of the UK that we get it but when we do it stops the whole town!

  6. Doing all that walking is fantastic, I like to think that we get stronger by every single step :)

  7. You did great with all your exercise this week. I haven't run since I was a kid in grade school but I love reading about how people train and run long distances. Keep up the good work in week six. :)

  8. Sounds like you are ready for the half. Keep up the good work.

  9. That's a lot of running and hiking! I'd focus on that and not let the scale # interfere in the feeling of accomplishment! This certainly sounds like a week to label "Success"!

    Have an equally great 6th week! The scale will catch up in the long run, I'm sure, if you try to keep your daily reports along the same lines as this week's!

    (PS - Snow?!?! UGH!!! That almost qualifies as horrific, in my book. ha!)

  10. I love Spring snow! Hope the weather clears up for your half marathon next week! Have a great week! :D

  11. Spring snowstorms are crazy, I was so surprised to read about that! You really did great, awesome job on the exercise.


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