Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Summit

Race recap: UPHILL!!!

It started at 9AM. 45 degrees. So thankful to get started!!
The runners were on their way up the hill when we came around the first corner. We had NO time expectations, we were not competing for awards, we were out to have a great workout and make it to the top of the hill!  That white building sitting at the top of the mountain is our destination.
Mile one wasnt to bad, a small incline.
Mile two had the only water station. And the water was freezing!! Not what I wanted!!
There was a beautiful overlook in mile two. The black line follows the road up the mountain.
Mile Three had another small overlook. This was the steep portion!!! And it started to get foggy!! The steam was rolling off our head and from out breath.


Finally, at the top. This is the small blurry white building that I have circled in the top picture. What a wonderful site. (this picture was NOT taken the day of the race!).
Below are some of my walking buddies. My goal was to make it up the mountain in under one hour. My time was 57.45.
You can see the water droplets on my husbands head.


  1. Awesome job. That is so cool that you got to do that. And your husband joined you. Very cool.

  2. That is so awesome that you made it in your goal and had the hubby and some friends join ya. That misty weather looks kinda cool I must say & I bet that view was just even more amazing knowing the work you put in to see it! Congrats to you my friend!!

  3. You go, girl.......what an amazing accomplishment. I am enjoying your blog and glad we found each other. Love having a friend in Pennsylvania!

  4. Yah! That sounds like an awesome walk! You look great Debbie!

  5. Great job! This looks like an extremely tough race.

  6. You my friend, are a star!! Fantastic job!

  7. I am beyond so proud of you Deb. You guys did awesome and that view is so wonderful. I love the fog and mist and your hubby's head. CONGRATS on a race well done.
    Take care Deb and have a blessed day!


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