Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer Update

I am so afraid of failure!! I wonder how much living I have missed out, because I was afraid I wouldnt do it right? 
This morning I was thinking of giving up my half marathon. I had talked myself into believing I would embarras myself with my time, my form, my outfit.  I was looking for every possible 'reason' to back out.
THEN I saw this................................
and I realized, I do this to myself SO MANY TIMES!!! I must stop giving up because I am afraid of failure!!!

Goals for week two were:
Lose one pound I lost 3.2 I decreased my calories this week because I knew I wouldnt be able to work out near as much. NSV: Conquer that hill. After pulling that abcessed tooth, I was grounded. Exercise:
Sunday: Long run/walk intervals. 9.15 milesTuesday: Body Combat, 3 mile run Tooth pulled Friday: Abs, weight machines, three mile run
Saturday: Body Combat, three mile run I did a gentle 3miles. (against dentists advice) Nutritional: Increase veggies to two servings a day. Continue to two servings of fruit a day. THis one was EASY this week!! From Tuesday thru Saturday every meal was either juiced or smoothies. Once again, the tooth pulling to blame.

Mini Challenge: Try a new to me exercise or something I havent done for a while:I need to think on this one...Didnt happen. I was limited because of that darn tooth.
Goals for week three:
Lose one pound:
NSV: Conquer that hill.
Exercise: keep training for that half marathon, and add body combat on Tues and Saturday.
Nutritional:  Try a new to me fruit or veggie.

Mini Challenge. This will be revealed on Wednseday but the hosts.


  1. wow!! great loss!!! and i love that quote. how true. striving for perfection is the fastest way to fail.

  2. I love, love love the quote about excellence and perfection, and I'm swiping it for a later post on my own blog!

    Owie about the tooth...so sorry for the pain and I hope it feels better soon.

  3. I'm also afraid of failure sometimes.. But it usually dawns on me that we won't fail if we "just do it". It's all in our hands.

    Losing 3.2lbs is far from failure, you got this!!

  4. Love that quote. Congrats on the loss ! We must all remember that we are our own worst enemies! You will succeed as long as you always try:-)

  5. I think you're doing great and I love the quote you posted. Good luck with the rest of the week. :)

  6. Fab loss that's amazing! Well done :)

  7. Great loss. Sometime we need to remind ourselves... Hey be nice to me because I am doing AWESOME and perfection is overrated!!!

  8. Sounds like a good week!!
    Good luck with week 3 -- especially conquering that hill!

  9. Nice loss last week Deb! I'm looking forward to seeing how you did this week!

  10. Excellent loss! Boy, I would take that any day! Have a great week three!

  11. Woohoo!! Awesome loss!!!!

    Don't give up your half marathon!! I just decided to do one - so I need to find other people who are training for them to keep me motivated and inspired!!!

    Hope you had a great week!

  12. Great loss and wow... 9 miles?! You rock!


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