Monday, April 23, 2012

Snow and Inspiration

When I first started blogging, the VERY FIRST blog I read belonged to Julie at Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Not But Learning.  (At that time she blogged under, Going to be New Me, (I think I have that right). She was positive, uplifting, and honest. She shared openly her struggles and her accomplishments.  Shes not afraid to share her faith and send a prayer your way. She is a wonderful encourager and even a 'kick in the panters' when needed. I am so very blessed to be her friend!!

Today is Julies 50th Birthday. To celebrate she is hosting a virtual 5K.  She has a birthday present for someone too!! You can complete it anytime this week.

Her son recently left for college, and she is experiencing some empty nest lonliness. So if you have an extra minute, stop by her blog, wish her a Happy Birthday, and say a little prayer for Mike!!

Saturday I did a 3 mile jog, it was 75 degrees and my nose got sunburned. Last night (36 hours later) it started to snow and was 28 degrees. And now we have a foot of snow.

This morning this is what we found.

The lilacs.  Will they survive?? I hope so!!!

This was posted on facebook by a friend from church. That poor bird!!

Some locals were even interviewed by the Weather Channel!!
And we made the CBS evening news!!!
So thankful that its supposed to warm up to the 50s on Wednesday!!


  1. Wow, that is a big change in weather. I hope that doesn't happen here in Seattle:) It is beautiful and sunny today. Great job getting your 3 miler in!

  2. Isn't Mother Nature wonderful! A true woman's prerogative to change her mind! Thanks for sharing the link about the virtual 5k. I love those! I am heading over to check it out now!

  3. I remember spring being like that every year when I lived in Philadelphia. Everything would be blooming beautifully and then WHAM a storm would hit...either ice or snow or rain with high winds. The magnolias would be decimated. The azaleas, shattered. It happened every year and yet it always surprised me. I hope those lilacs survive! i LOVE lilacs and we don't really have them out here :(

  4. That's crazy! I bet you didn't expect that and hope it warms up soon, so it can melt away.
    I think Julie is a special friend too!

  5. Good God! That's just crazy but it is beautiful too:-) You always have such nice ways to recognize people, you are awesome like that! I'm gonna try to get in a walk for Julie too, if my leg holds up. She's another inspirational runner for me:-)


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