Monday, April 2, 2012



Two weeks ago I had my six month teeth cleaning.  "Theres two small cavaties that have broken the enamal. We were just watching them, but now its time to do a filling."

Sigh!!! I have horrible teeth!! I brush two or three times a day. I floss every day!! And yet, I still manage to have a filling in almost every single one of my teeth!!

Dental hygienist walks in and  gives me my bid, and then we wait for the man with the tools.

He looks at me and asks, "Do we numb you?" My pain tolerance is pretty high, and its cheaper, so I say, "No, not usually." He starts drilling and I get flecks of stuff in my throat, and only two flinches later, he says we are finished here.' Come back in two weeks and we'll fix that chip in the tooth on the other side. 
The next few days I have dull ache, I took Tylenol and keep going. I figured I was getting  a sinus infection (the pain always starts in my teeth!!) 
On Friday, while camping with 60 middle and high school age kids from church, I start to feel more thank an ache, it has now turned into some PAIN!! .
Sunday morning I woke up at 2AM with a serious toothache. Tears actually rolled down my cheeks. Every tooth on the top right side of my jaw was screaming for attention. I was eating Tylenol and Advil like they were M & Ms. I can feel my heart beat in my tooth. Every step I take, sends shocks thru my teeth.
Today I called the 'man with the tools' and they had no opennings for today. They called the drug store with an antibiotic and some pain pills, and I go see them tomorrow at 9AM. 


  1. Tooth pain is THE WORST. I keeps you from being able to think, let alone do anything else. I hope you get in!

  2. Oh no!! I fear the dentist. I have serious anxiety about it and I have to go very soon. I really hope that get you to feeling better soon. I am so sorry!!

  3. Oh man, I hate the dentist's office!! The hygienist is a torturer & the dentist.... don't even get me started! I hope they fix you up though cause tooth pain is awful!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you are in pain!! I hope they get you fixed up quick tomorrow! Take care!

  5. That is horrible! I so hope you will get this fixed and start feeling better!

  6. Take those pain meds. Rest up, I cant believe they couldnt get you in as a urgent case. Especially as much pain you are in. I hope they make it all better tomorrow. ((Hugs))

  7. Oh I hope that they get this fixed fast. I am so sorry you hurt. Blessings Deb.

  8. So sorry, Deb. That throbbing "heartbeat in the tooth" thing is awful. I have a fear of dentists, which I got over for a while, then had a painful ordeal, and I haven't been back in...FOUR YEARS. Yep. That long. Crazy, uh? I want to go back thisyear, but I gotta see what happens with hubby's job befoore spending thousands on crowns and stuff. He's got an implant he needs (we both have crap teeth).

    Dentists are scary. Pain is bad. And expensive stuff, dental care.

    I hope your pain is eased by now and everything else goes well.


  9. Tooth aches is horrible. I can tolerate a lot of pain, but that is just so horrible.


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