Friday, April 6, 2012

Jelly Bean Race

Run with Jess hosted the Jelly Bean Virtual Race.

I intended to do this race today. BUT my abscess tooth debacle prevents me from running.
SO instead I will use Sundays walk with my wonderful husband. We came home from church, and the sun was shining, and I wanted to go for a run, but I was yearning for company. I asked my husband, expecting a "NO WAY the race is on". BUT, he surprised me with, 'sure, let me change."

So while he changed, I took some pain pills for my tooth, grabbed a water bottle, and away we went. He didnt ask where we were going, so I didnt volunteer.  2 Hrs and 31 minutes later, we were back home. 9.15 miles total. I was proud of him!! We pulled three very steep hills and was a trouper.  I did feel a tab bit guilty during the two miles, when he was feeling it in his legs. I told we need to do this every Sunday!! He gently turned me down, but letting me know that hes sure someone will want to go for a motorcyle ride next week, and the next, and the next. I promised him if he would go along, that we would make it shorter.
6.2 miles in 102 minutes with my husband.


Saturday: MY First day that Im allowed to run post abscess tooth extraction. We did a 5K in 44:56.  This was with a group of ladies from the gym. We did run/walk intervals.  I felt pretty good. At first I felt some twinges where my tooth was, but after the first interval it was pretty good.
Very very windy out there today, and only 50 degrees. BRR!! 


  1. That is awesome Deb. I would love for Jim to join me, even once in awhile.
    Take care and have a blessed Easter.

  2. SO awesome! What a nice hubby:) I bet he will join you again.

  3. That's awesome that the hubby joined ya and that you are back to the running so quickly!


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