Saturday, April 7, 2012

Awesome buddy!!

Thankyou Melanie! During the E to E Challenge, Mir, had us paired with a buddy.  This was for accountability, a more personal relationship, to make sure linkups werent missed. Melanie and I were both starting our running, and signed up for some of the same virtual runs.
She has been a wonderful buddy!! Very encouraging, checking in on blogposts, sending recipes, and encouraging me to try more veggies! I have loved having her as my partner.
Yesterday, when I went to the mailbox, I had a yellow slip, meaning I had a package!!! (or a postage due) 
LOOK what I found!! A package from my pal!!!

 In one of her posts she had talked about having a brita water bottle. (It filters as you drink!!) Ive always wanted one of those, and my local Walmart doesnt carry them. SHE sent me one!! and some filters!!!
AND she included some of her favorite bars too!!! I havent been able to eat one yet, because of the soft food diet Im on because of the hole in my mouth. BUT, I cant wait to give them a try!!!

Thankyou Melanie!!!


  1. aww! How thoughtful! I love the care package idea. :)

  2. Awwww that's so sweet!!! How lovely to have such a generous and supportive buddy!! :)

  3. That was awesome Deb. Hasn't it been the greatest getting to know our buddies. I have really enjoyed getting to know Casey.
    Take care and have a blessed Easter.

  4. What a great buddy you have! She's a big inspiration to me too.

  5. So much fun! What a great buddy:)

  6. Man I have been slacking on my reading:-) You are so welcome for the pkg! I love my Britta bottle, I grab it whenever I go out so that I don't have to pay for water! I hope those bars traveled well. They aren't too sweet but you really have to like coconut to enjoy them I think cause they tend to be a little dry but I like to nibble on them here and there. I wish my running was as successful as yours has been, I'll keep at it and keep up with you cause you are a great inspiration for me when it comes to that!


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