Monday, April 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal

Food Pen Pal reveal day!! Want to join for next month?  Foodie PenPals. Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean is the coordinator.

I was paired with Stacie from California.

I received an email letting me know that my package was in the mail, and she told me to have a glass of milk ready when I openned it.  And my mouth watered in anticipation!!!

She did not disappoint!!  I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter. My favorite food group!!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, Rice Krispy Treats, No bake cookies, all HOMEMADE!!! A box of tea, Peppermint Chocolate Tea, and a jar of Peanut Sauce.    I put the cookies in the freezer, and then discovered that the nobake cookies were AMAZING straight from the freezer!!! I did save (most) of the cookies to take for our post snack after our walk up the mountain. Two of our kids are in College about 30 minutes from our walk, so we went to visit them afterwards, and I shared what little was left over, with them. THANK YOU Stacie for the wonderful package!!

I sent my package to Miriam from Bellaspire.
 Would you like to participate in Foodie PenPals? Here are some basics, but click on over to Lindsays blog for specifics and details.

You send a box to someone, and someone else sends one to you. I have been pondering this for several months, I was so afraid of sending something someone wouldnt like, etc....... BUT, in February, I decided to take the plunge. SO MUCH FUN!!

On the 5th of the month you receive an email that tells you who you send your package to. It also includes their email so you can talk to them and find out if they have any allergies, or dislikes.
There are over 350 participants from all over the World. (IF youre in the US you only send to US, in Cananda only to Canada)

Then you go shopping, $15. maximum!! You can also send some of your own baked goods. Send your package to your pal by the 15th of the month, and on the 30th, you write a blog post to reveal your goodies.
To sign up for Foodie PenPals

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Roundup

What an amazing week its been!!!

Sunday my husband, good friends, and I walked up Summit.  A 3.5 mile walk up the freeway at a 1200 foot incline.  It was cold. But so much fun!!
Monday, we got hit with a weird snowstorm. We ended up with 12 inches of snow and schools were cancelled.  Thankfully it didnt stick around long, and by Wednesday morning it was gone!!!  And we celebrated Julies birthday!!

On Friday I did my longest run ever. 12.20 miles. AND I survived!! My legs are still sore, and Im using my compression leggings, ice and some ibuprofen.  I think I had my shoes tied to tight, the tops of my feet are a bit sore. I used this run as my virtual run for Julies birthday and for Cows and Lasers March of Dimes fundraiser.
Saturday I had my running class. It was cold and nasty outside. We worked on intervals. One of the ladies in the class is a Yoga instructor. After class she offered to show us some 'moves'. I had never participated in a Yoga class. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great stretch, and relaxing time!! I definately will take a Yoga class!!

Goals for this week:

Lose two pounds:  This week I am up one pound to 185.4.
Exercise: This week is rest week. Sunday is my half marathon.  On Tuesday I will do BodyCombat or Yoga, and Friday I will do some weight machines and ab work, Saturday my run class is doing some trail running.
Nutrtion: Make sure I hydrate, and Friday and Saturday will be some carb days in preparation for Sundays Half Marathon.
NSV: I cant wait to see what surprise I find this week!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I think I can

Todays trot is in honor of Julie. She blogs at Healthy Wealthy and Wise:NOT but learning. She turned 50 this week!! Thankyou for hosting this Julie!!! Youre a wonderful woman, and I wish you a blessed birthday. 

AND in honor of Team A.L.I.
Suz and Allen from Cows and Lasers and Everything Else are rasing money for March of Dimes. This is a picture of their neice Ali who was born prematurely. According to the March of Dimes website, every year more than half a million babies are born prematurely. Will you help fight for those who can't?

Next Sunday is The Frederick Half Marathon. Before today the longest intervals Ive completed was 10 miles. Tuesday was going to be my last long run, before 'tapering'. Tuesday we were dealing with slush created by this freak storm !!!!!!  SO, needless to say, I went to the gym and lifted weights instead of running

All week, in the back of my mind, I was doubting myself. So last night I mapped out a 13.1 course. Today at noon, I took off. I walked the hills (we have lots of them in western PA!!!) Before I left, I texted my husband and told him my route (our agreement any time I run alone)

For the first time in my training, I used my Ipod. I was amazed at how much it helped me!!! I think Ill take it next Sunday!! 
I ordered some Peanut Butter Gu and Chocolate Gu, to try, (but it didnt come in time for todays run) So I dont know how my stomach will react to it. But its peanut butter and chocolate. MY TWO FAVORITE food groups!!!

At mile 7 my Ipod died. (It was dead this morning, so I knew there was a good chance!)
At mile 8 my legs were really heavy!! I wondered why in the world I was doing this!! BUT, to get back home, I had to continue on!!
At mile 9 I realized that my legs werent hurting anymore. I wasnt sure if I had lost my mind, or if they really were feeling good!!
I was home at mile 12.2..... WHAT !?!?!?!? My Garmin connect map, said it would be 13.1!!! BUT, I was home, and I was not going to go back up that hill to do some more running to come up with more mileage!!
My time? 2:52.50  pace 14.1.............. There is a time limit on the half marathon. 3 1/5 hours. Todays run proved to me that I CAN DO IT!! (altho, the webpage says that you need to keep a 14 minute pace, BUT 3.5 hours is a 16 minute pace)  SO, Im a bit confused about that one, and I sent an email)

When I got home, I stretched and then texted my husband that I was home, and told him I was going to eat a bowl of peanut butter for my recovery!! (I didnt really do that. ALTHO I did use and extra Tablespoon in my smoothie!!! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Summit

Race recap: UPHILL!!!

It started at 9AM. 45 degrees. So thankful to get started!!
The runners were on their way up the hill when we came around the first corner. We had NO time expectations, we were not competing for awards, we were out to have a great workout and make it to the top of the hill!  That white building sitting at the top of the mountain is our destination.
Mile one wasnt to bad, a small incline.
Mile two had the only water station. And the water was freezing!! Not what I wanted!!
There was a beautiful overlook in mile two. The black line follows the road up the mountain.
Mile Three had another small overlook. This was the steep portion!!! And it started to get foggy!! The steam was rolling off our head and from out breath.


Finally, at the top. This is the small blurry white building that I have circled in the top picture. What a wonderful site. (this picture was NOT taken the day of the race!).
Below are some of my walking buddies. My goal was to make it up the mountain in under one hour. My time was 57.45.
You can see the water droplets on my husbands head.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Snow and Inspiration

When I first started blogging, the VERY FIRST blog I read belonged to Julie at Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Not But Learning.  (At that time she blogged under, Going to be New Me, (I think I have that right). She was positive, uplifting, and honest. She shared openly her struggles and her accomplishments.  Shes not afraid to share her faith and send a prayer your way. She is a wonderful encourager and even a 'kick in the panters' when needed. I am so very blessed to be her friend!!

Today is Julies 50th Birthday. To celebrate she is hosting a virtual 5K.  She has a birthday present for someone too!! You can complete it anytime this week.

Her son recently left for college, and she is experiencing some empty nest lonliness. So if you have an extra minute, stop by her blog, wish her a Happy Birthday, and say a little prayer for Mike!!

Saturday I did a 3 mile jog, it was 75 degrees and my nose got sunburned. Last night (36 hours later) it started to snow and was 28 degrees. And now we have a foot of snow.

This morning this is what we found.

The lilacs.  Will they survive?? I hope so!!!

This was posted on facebook by a friend from church. That poor bird!!

Some locals were even interviewed by the Weather Channel!!
And we made the CBS evening news!!!
So thankful that its supposed to warm up to the 50s on Wednesday!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Update

Goals for week three were:
Lose one pound: Down 3.0 pounds. (184.4) I have no idea where this weight loss is coming from. I had been 'stuck' in the 190s for what seems like, FOREVER. And now a three pound weight loss two weeks in a row. Dont get me wrong, I am very very thankful!!!! Just very very surprised!!
NSV: Conquer that hill. I DID IT!! I was so exhausted at the top!!! I had to stop and catch my breath!! I don't think Ill try to conquer it again for a while.  I was so tired, that I could barely do my 2 miles back home. Its hard to show the hill, its windy and goes further down into the trees.

Exercise: keep training for that half marathon, and add body combat on Tues and Saturday. This is a partial fail, I did Body Combat on Saturday, Tuesday I got called into work.

Nutritional: Try a new to me fruit or veggie. I did not do this. I was called into work on my grocery day, so I did not make it to the market to pick up something new.

Midweek challenge:  Visit every blogger in the challenge. There are a LOT of challengers. I made it to half. I will continue to the other half this week.

Next week goals:
Lose one pound:
Exercise: Keep training for the half marathon.
Nutrition: Try a new to me fruit or veggie.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Country Livin'

Yesterday I had a HORRIBLE run!! My legs hurt, I was tired, I was emotional, I couldnt breath, total fail. 
Today was gorgeous outside. 77 degrees. How can you NOT go outside in the sun?

So, I decided to go for a walk, and ENJOY nature! I grabbed my camera and this is what I saw.
This is my next hill to conquer (running).
An Amish Greenhouse

Decorative windmill at the Amish farm.

The horse and buggy have to be close by!!

Amish telephone booth.

Remember when.....
Remember when...

Thats where I live!! 7 mile hike today.

Beautiful white buds!

A robin

In a month this will be amazing green!!!