Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Beauty!! The tulips are peeking up in the backround!!

Will my peonies survive? Its a little early to be popping up thru the ground!!

First day of spring, and my kids went back to college (on Sunday)

My handsome boy!

Dogwoods are blooming on campus!!!

WHY  do you always have to take picture?

Groceries for two weeks and summer clothes


  1. Great pics... I love the Spring flowers:-)

  2. Lol! Can´t forget the tp!
    Why do kids hate being in pics. I get the same face, when I try to take a pic of my girls....

  3. Love the pics! I love Dogwoods! Happy Spring!!

  4. I like the picture of those flowers! And I can sort of identify with making faces in pictures for my parents, that's how I do it :p


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