Saturday, March 10, 2012


Spring is my favorite time of year!!! The promise of life!! Flowers poking their head up thru the ground.

Move it Momma is hosting a Spring Fever 5K or 10K

The first 3.1 miles I jogged
Mile 4 was at a 7.5 incline.
Miles 5 to 5.75 were jogged.
Mile 5.75 to 6.2 were walked at 7.5 incline. (Still training for this)

Total time 92.42 minutes

I was going to take a picture of the treadmill time, but I hit stop twice and it ERASED all the stats.

Theres still time to sign up. You have until March 15th to complete your race. Its not about how fast you are!! Its about doing something good for your body!! Get moving!!


  1. That's a huge workout! Well done!

  2. I'm feeling the spring fever too :D

  3. Great job! Don't you hate it when you erase your stats?!

  4. Wow, excellent job!! I hate when the time erases before I'm ready for it too!


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