Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mid Week Update

Remember Sunday when I said I was told by that 'trainer at the counter' that I needed to eat more. I was planning on talking to him more on Tuesday, BUT I GOT CALLED INTO WORK.

So instead of talking to him, I sent an email to the lady who is leading the running class that Im taking.

My question to her was:
When I started my weight loss journey in November 2010 I weighed 258. I was eating about 1200 calories a day, and slowly the weight was coming off. In the beginning I would walk several times a week, but nothing consistantly. NOW, many months later Im still eating 1200 calories a day and exercising more. My weight is at a complete standstill. Since Christmas I have been stuck. I cant seem to get it to move.

Last Tues at the gym, I had done body pump, some treadmill, and then body combat. I was ordering a smoothie, and jokingly said, "OH MY, this smoothie is 1/3 of my calories for the day." and someone, (I think Eric) overheard and said, not for today!!!! SO, my question is. Now that I exercise more, do I need to increase my calories to lose weight? and if yes, is it just on exercise days? or is it all the time?

AND, if yes, what is the 'reason' or science behind it?

This was her response to me:
1200 calories is NOT enough for you with all the working out you do!   Are you using ""? 
If you don't eat enough, your metabolism is going to hit a standstill. Do you like eggs? I hardboil lots of eggs at the beginning of the week. In the morning I'll have 3-4 eggwhites with maybe one yolk. Also have some fruit, oatmeal and coffee. At lunch, have a sandwich with protein (meat!) on wheat bread. Have as many veggies as you want all day. For evening, if you don't have a meal planned, have MORE egg whites. They are so low in calories, and they provide so much protein that is very easily absorbed. Eat veggies all day, and don't be afraid to munch an apple or a handful of almonds. OR a nice smoothie after your workout. You need to add about 400-500 calories! Carry an obnoxiously big water bottle around all day with lots of ice and lemon water or unsweetened green tea. Quit starving yourself. You are an athlete, and you need to eat like an athlete.

When you eat dinner, have a nice sensible meal. Veggies, small baked potato, meat about the size of the palm of your hand. If you get hungry before bed, eat a couple of egg whites and munch on some carrot sticks with a few raisins on the side. 
If you take combat or pump, you can replace the calories you burned.

Hope that helps!


  1. It does make sense and if she and your trainer have done it, I guess that would be living proof. Those of us who have lived a life of dieting have a hard time accepting that eating more will help us lose weight but muscles need fuel and building muscles takes energy. If you are going to continue these workouts I would take their advice. You have nothing to lose (or maybe you do :-) Be careful out there today.

  2. I tell people all the time, you need more food when you exercise but they ignore me or think I'm crazy... or maybe because I'm fat they just think it's my excuse to eat... I'm not sure but she is definitely right. Not that you didn't think so or anything, I mean... it is her job & all:-) I've experienced it though, your body will slow down when you are burning a lot with the working out cause even though you don't feel like you're starving it's not used to the lack of fuel, with all that it's burning on top of it, and it will just slow down to try to reserve what is left. Sometimes, a lot of times, it will begin feeding off itself but taking muscle and not fat so that isn't good either. Eat, add more in, make it healthy and you'll see results:-)


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