Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Year a day late

Life as a Running Mother is hosting a virtual 2.9 miler for Leap Year. (get it? Feb 29   2.9 miles!!! )  As always, Im a day late. You can actually still sign up.  Time is due March 4th. 
I was hoping to do it on Wednesday, but I left for work at 7AM and didnt get home til after 10:30PM.  

When I got home from work tonight, I tried to talk myself out of it. Ive been a bit frustrated with myself after not being able to finish Grandma Lils 10K.

I actually cleaned the bathroom as a procratination tactic!!!

I completed the run. A bit slow.  It felt strange to stop at 2.9 so did 5 more minutes and finished with 3.1

Midweek update:
Water: 100 oz or more per day.
Food: 1200- 1400 calories per day
Book: (not so good)

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  1. I forgot that this one can be done until the 4th, I still can get it in then! I need to do that. Woot to you for not giving up and getting back in there. You may not have completed the 10k but you did about 1/2 of it and had an injury of sorts so you would have done it if you could:-)


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