Sunday, March 11, 2012

E to E update

 The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want now. Zig Ziglar

Last week 192.0
This week 192.4  (up .4)
I stayed within my calorie range, BUT some of my choices werent the best. I am a true believer that not all calories are created equal!!! I also did not eat breakfast every day this week. Another big NONO!!!! Heres to better choices this week!!!

Tuesday: Body Pump, 2 mile walk at 6.5 incline
Wednesday: 2.75 mile walk around town. Up and down hills.  Did you know coming down hills is also a wonderful workout!!!
Saturay: 6.2 miles (1.5 mile walk on treadmill at 7.5 incline) 4.7 miles run,  20 minutes ab crunches, sit ups, stretching (I completed the Spring Fever 10K) Theres still time to sign up!!! Run/Walk/Crawl 5K or 10K.
And today clocks move forward one hour!!!!!!! YES!! More daylight!! I LOVE IT!!! More time outside, it wont be dark when I leave work at night!! YES!!!!

Sunday:  1242
Monday:  877
Tuesday:  1101
Wednesday:  1572
Thursday:  411 (Migraine, nauseated, got home from work and went to bed)
Friday: 1500
Saturday: 1240
over 100oz every day.
Tire one: 43.00 (same)
Tire two: 48.00 (same)

I have been a very bad partner!! Melanie!! Im so sorry that I havent kept up with emails better!!! I do read everything she posts!! Shes such an inspiration!!! She just finished another 5K  WOO HOO!!! You go girl!! She has her mojo back and shes kicking booty!!
I really am NOT doing my book justice!!! I love to read, but time is so limited!! This morning I looked back thru my highlighted sentences. This one really sticks out. "Every day there's this divide between your AM intentions and your PM realities."  SO true!! In the morning I have all these plans of wonderfulness, and by evening, those plans are not realized!! THATS why I need to run in the AM instead of after work!!! Why can I not get this thru my head!?!??!

Make good choices!!


  1. I can´t believe you didn´t lose, with your calories so low. It just goes to show there is a difference WHAT kind of cal. you eat. I think you should up them and see what happens.
    Good job on the Spring Fever 10k!!! That is awesome!!

  2. Hang in there! I know you can do this. I am struggling with the reading as well. Just do not have the brain power to focus on information and retain it well. Going to try again later today with Wheat Belly.

  3. I have the same issue. If I don't do it in the morning it will never ever get done!

  4. I do better exercising in the morning, too. Too many things can come up during the day that take my time away. Keep up the good work!

  5. I've been going to an exercise class in the evenings for a while now, and she now started offering them in the mornings. I love it. And I have the option of doing a second workout in the evening, if I want to! :)

  6. You're doing awesome Deb. Everything will work out and it'll show. Heck you are changing more then you know it at times. I wish I had the option to exercise in the morning but that's not possible anymore and I sure know it's hard once I stop by the house to get back out and going so my plans this week are to go right from the bus to the gym without coming by the house. I hope it works. You keep up the great work. You are such a great inspritation and I love reading what's what in your life. Thanks for sharing and always stopping by and encouraging me. Take care my friend and have a blessed evening!!

  7. Don't let this get you down. You are doing a great job and it will show soon! I know it! :)

  8. You are doing really well with the calories lady... I don't know how you stay so low! I wholeheartedly agree that all calories are not created equal. Morning exercise just sorta sets your day up for success. Happy to hear you're doing well!

  9. You're doing great & you are not a bad partner at all! You motivate me with your postings and all the exercising you manage to get in with your schedule, keep ROCKING it! I did send ya an email though, so take a look and let me know if you're interested or not:-)

  10. Wish you luck for this coming week. Well, not just luck. Motivation. That´s what we need, right? Your calories are so low. Do you not starve? I would not be able to stay alive with so few calories. :-) Hope, you can enjoy some nice fruits and vegetables this week.


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