Thursday, February 9, 2012

Midweek Update

Its been a looonnnggg busy, full moon kind of week!!! The strange phone calls seem to come on full moon!! Patients call with the weirdest requests!! "Can I get a prescription for fingernail polish remover?"  SERIOUSLY!?!?!???! And what medical condition would you use that for?

This weekend is the run for Sherry.  You pick your own mileage!

Last week I increased my calories to 1400-1600 a day. I lost weight, but it made me so nervous!! On Tuesday I decided to drop back to 1200 again. It should be so simple! Calories in, calories burned.

I increased my weights during body pump this week, so my muscles were screaming on Wednesday. My 4 mile run, was cut short to 1.5!!

If I had to 'rate' this week, it would be fair.  Next time, strive for more!!!


  1. nail polish remover? really? heh... amused.

  2. Wow... nail polish remover... LMAO!!! I used to do customer service for a health ins company and thought I had heard it all but I haven't had that one asked! You should pay close attention to things as you drop the cals to see how things go cause it may be those higher numbers are better for you with the weight training work & such... you need more to fuel muscle:-) I'm reevaluating my running and maybe going to go back to week 3 of the program and do it until I'm comfy & move on from there doing the same thing for each week. I am doing this virtual run though and I have my Valentine's 5K on Sat, they will be walked but I will do them and I will continue the running:-)

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