Saturday, February 18, 2012

Merry Christmas to me!

Its very rare that I openly talk about our finances!! Its a private problem, sometimes embarrasing. My husbands cancer six years ago, left us with lots of debt, and luxeries are not something we covet.  

Today I came home from donating blood (more on that later) and this was on my front porch.
It was heavy! (A very dear friend who has lost 70 lbs, asked me today if I could use some clothes.) I expected a few shirts and maybe a few pants. BUT......... LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!
I threw it up on the couch and tore into it.OH glorious clothes!!!!

Some of them are still to small, but I know I can get into them by the end of summer! And some I can wear now. OH THANYOU Melissa!!!! I am so very very blessed!!!

Today was blood donation day! I made my appointment for 1PM so that I could do Body Pump and Body Combat early this morning, and still have time to rehydrate and get some food into me.
Today was very uneventful.. No queasies, no OUCH that hurt needle sticks, ate a WONDERFUL and drank a cup of grape juice. YUM!!!!!!!!  TO find a donation center for your area, check out the red cross website here.  If youve never given blood before, its a rather easy process.  You sign in, read the literature, and wait for them to call your name.  You then go behind the divider and a nice nurse will test your iron, BP, temperature, and pulse. She will ask you a bunch of screeening questions. You then move to the table (NOT ME!) and they clean your arm, stick you with a needle.  You pump your fist, and blood goes into the bag. AND THEN YOU GET TO EAT!!!


  1. Congrats on the new clothes! Nothing feels better than something new to slip into (even if the clothes are hand-me-downs, they're still "new" to you). I'm very happy for you! Rock those new digs and shimmy on down into the smaller ones. Have fun doing it, too. :)

  2. Awesome awesome awesome...I donate blood myself and it's sooo easy!!!

    and the clothes--Jackpot!! there is nothing like something new to slip into. Once a year my friends and I get together to have a clothing party. We bring things that no longer fit or we just don't like anymore and have a free for all!! It's fun!

  3. Oh Deb, I understand the money situation (well I'm sure all are different but the lack there of is still the same). I love bag-o-clothes. New to you is just as good as new-new. Enjoy your new goodness.
    Take care Deb and I'm off to check out the site of the 5K/10K. Blessings my friend!!

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  5. Way to get your workouts in and then give blood. Awesome! I always make sure to get my workouts in beforehand too, otherwise I know I will be out of luck the rest of the day:) Yay for giving blood:)

  6. I try to give blood as often as possible but I've been bad about it lately. Thanks for reminding me that I need to be doing my part!


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