Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lesson Learned!!!

Every morning as soon as I get up I fill my water bottle with ice and water.

Before I go to work, I drink one full bottle.

I refill it, and off to work I go. It holds 32 oz. but the first two bottles of the day only hold 24 oz of water because I use so much ice to start. My daily goal is to drink four bottles full. 24 + 24 + 32 + 32= 112 oz per day

Yesterday, as I was gathering my bags and purse, my phone rang and I walked out the door without my full water bottle. FAIL!!!!!!

We have cups at work and I of course I used them, but they are not near as big, so I had to refill it more often. It was a busy day and several times I tipped my cup and not a drop to be had. It was empty, but I couldnt leave my station for a refill. By the end of the work day (8PM) I only had 64 oz of water. 

I did manage to get my 100 oz in by 10PM. But I sure did have to get up several times during the night!!  LESSON LEARNED!! DO not forget the big water bottle!!! Im thinking next time I go to Walmart I need to buy another one and keep it at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good choices!!


  1. Water is definitely one of the things I don't have a problem forgetting if I don't keep some handy. I also don't like to pay for it when I'm out and about but I will if I'm thirsty enough... LOL. I try to always have water with me. I bought a Britta bottle with the filter in it and I have a few other types like that so I usually grab one when I'm on the go cause then I can refill it anywhere and let the filter do it's work & I have my big old jug that I bring to work with me that I usually fill the night before with filtered water cause my work doesn't really provide water, unless I use the drinking fountain which is a pain to fill a bottle or cup from:-) It's important to get it in though so we gotta do what we gotta do!

  2. I take my water everywhere too. My wife jokingly calls it my baby bottle. I sure miss it if I don't have it.

  3. Thats a good idea. Have you tried the brita water bottles? They are awesome but not big :( They should come out with a nice 32 oz. You are doing great on the water intake and I know what that lesson feels like. lol

  4. I HEAR YOU! I left my dang water bottle at the gym today... and now I'm going to be all screwed up when it comes to counting how much I've had! So I kinda figured days like this happen... I've stowed an extra water bottle at both of my jobs. But now I'm home without one. This girl is drinking from measuring cups! heh.

  5. We do get attached to our water bottles, don't we? I forgot mine one day as well and it really bothered me. We don't handle deviations from our routines very well do we? :-) Be well. I am glad you were successful in spite of this. I try to get my water in early although I don't shoot for 100 oz. - just 64 and then I also have tea, diluted orange juice, etc. but I want 64 oz. of water each day.

  6. I can totally relate to this! I have a favorite water bottle. It makes it easy for me to drink 32 oz in no time and then refill 3-4 times a day. If water is in a cup or another type of water bottle (I have tried sooooo many) I just dont drink as much. Period. Silly right? I just wanted to let you know that I can totally relate!


  7. I have a terrible time remembering to drink water. I don't come close to getting in the amount and in fact I often go days not really drinking much at all. I know this is bad!! I wonder if it's possible for this to stall your weight loss. I should get a big water bottle like you have!


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