Sunday, February 12, 2012

EtoE Update

The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want now.
Zig Ziglar
Starting 196.0 12-29-11
Last week 194.2
This week 198.2 (+4.0)

Over 100oz every day
On Friday and Saturday I increased to 125 because of the swollen bloat!
Questions I received about my Friday.
B/P was 108/72.....
My legs werent swollen, only my abdomen and hands
I did talk to my doctor (my boss!!) and he listened and checked etc.. and said I was fine. If it continued to get worse, I was to call him over the weekend. His 'prescription' drink lots of water!
Tire one: 47 (+3)
Tire two: 47.50 (-.25)
Hips: 47.

Sunday  1274
Monday  1296
Tuesday  1300
Wednesday  1238
Thursday  1055
Friday  692 (I was drinking lots and lots of water to flush out that bloat, and it was hard to eat)
Saturday  1320

Here is a link to From Fat to Finsh Line.  Its a wonderful letter that she wrote to new runners. Very helpful!! If youre thinking about running, or running and feel like giving up, go check it out! 
Tuesday: Body Pump, 3 mile run, ab crunches
Friday: 3 mile run, free weights, crunches,
Saturday: 5.5 mile run

ONE week before my 10K graduation!! Im so excited!! This week will be a slow recovery week. I plan on doing the 10K on Saturday!!


  1. Ooooooh!! Good luck on the run and great job doing all the training to get there. You should be very proud. It is weird to think that drinking more water will help bloat, but it sure does. I like to think of it as "diluting my ocean".....

  2. Water is always the best medicine. Great job with your running!

  3. Hope your bloat disappears! Yup, water helps! And walking, too, so they say! But you're doing that already, right!

  4. Oh Deb I am so proud of you and all your running. I am heading over to check out the letter. I hope you feel better. Keep up all the water, it's good for you and maybe will flush whatever it is out.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. Wow - 10K!! I'm so proud of you and totally impressed!

  6. Thanks for sharing that running letter blog. I've read it before but I read it again in a different frame of mind:-). I hope all goes well with ridding yourself of the bloat! Congrats on nearing your 10k graduation!! That is so awesome & I plan to get back to it & keep at it, like you once did & have done, so I too can be proud of an achievement like this:-)

  7. Good luck on Saturday! You're going to do great!

  8. You are doing so great with your running!! Congrats! Good luck on Saturday!


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