Friday, February 24, 2012


Today was my attempt to run the 10K for Grandmas Birthday.  I made it to a little over 3 miles and I pulled something in my leg. I hobbled on for another mile, but I only made it to 4.45...... Grandmas favorite color is pink. So after my shower I grabbed my pink recovery socks, and it FEELS SO GOOD!!!
I feel like Im so slow, and always behind!! I wanna run with the pack!!! I feel like that person way in the back, always playing catchup!!
Even tho I didnt make it to the whole 6.2 miles, I still need to provide some recovery to my body. I used smoothies that I make at home.

Gather all the ingredients
In the past I used unsweetend Soy milk.  Ive recently moved to unsweetened Almond Chocolate Milk. Its has a stronger chocolate taste.  I use Whey powder, Low Carb (or high protein) Yogurt, Frozen berries, bananas (I usually freeze them) A tablespoon of Peanut Butter, ice cubes and a blender.

Frozen strawberries and blueberries from Walmarts frozen section.
And I LOVE peanut butter!! I keep thinking Ill try the PB2, but Im afraid I wont like it, and wasted the money.

The Yogurt picutred is from Kroger. I dont have it available locally, so my friend picks it up when she goes for her cancer checkups (over an hour away)

I make a weeks worth at a time.  I use  the smaller ones for shorter workouts and the bigger ones for longer runs, or more intense workouts. When I go to the gym, I grab one out of the freezer, and when Im finished its still creamy and a bit icey. YUM!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry you didn't finish the run. You made a valiant effort though and that is what counts. You haven't given up and you are doing your best and there is a lot to be said for that. Hang in therre and before you know it, you will have completed a 10 k and can celebrate with new blouse or something. Good luck. !

  2. You gave it your all though, that's all that matters!

  3. Sweetie, as a person who CANNOT RUN, I see what you did as MAJOR!!! Major!!!! That you even tried and went for it and did what you did.

    I am so jealous!!!!!

    And think of the wonderful thing in you that gives you the urge to do this.

    Now you made me crave a smoothie. :D

  4. I love this idea! I am going to get some tall glasses with lids on them. This would work for juicing or smoothies. Thanx!! Sorry you couldn't finish the race due to an injury but stuff happens.

  5. I don't ever use protein powder in my smoothies but I probably should sometime. They sound delish & I love the little cups you have there to store them all in!

  6. Oh man:( I hope your leg feels better! Yay for pink recovery socks!

  7. They sound really delicious! I love icy anything. :)

  8. You tried your best, you did awesome, you did what you could and I am very proud of you Deb. I like those cups, they look like the old Tupperware ones I use to have. I need to do something like that however I need to find cups.
    Have a great weekend Deb and give your leg time to heal, don't doesn't work, I tried that.
    Blessings my friend!!

  9. It's so disappointing when that happens, but nice job getting as far as you did! I'm with you on the pb2, not sure it's worth the money. :)

  10. Good for you that you TRIED! Also, those smoothies look good! :-P I think I'm getting hungry because everyone's blog has something on it that looks good to me.


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